Hufnagel Wins Coach of the Year

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John Hufnagel has been named the CFL coach of the year.

He led the Calgary Stampeders to a league-best 13-5 mark and a Grey Cup victory in his first year as coach.Hufnagel played 12 seasons in the CFL and made it to the CFL's championship game three times as the Calgary Stampeders' offensive co-ordinator in 1991, '92 and '95, winning a Grey Cup ring in '92.

Hufnagel was also quarterbacks coach for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots when they won the Super Bowl in 2004.The 57-year-old is from Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

The award was handed out at a luncheon during the CFL congress, which is being held in Hamilton today and tomorrow.

I was actually hoping he would lose so I could listen to more whining from the stamps.
First Place Ballots:

John Hufnagel CGY 37
Marc Trestman MTL 8
Ken Miller SSK 2

Justice has been served, a worthy choice, congratulations.

....congratulations Huf, from three worthy competitors one emerged victorious.....

I wouldn't worry about that there'll be lots of that to come this season.

I thought all 3 guys were worthy of the award. Not surprised Hufnagel won it.

37-8 in favour of Huf. Wow. Well, no one can complain that the media is biased toward the East anymore. :lol:

Congrats to Huf. He definitely did a good job with the Stamps, and he deserved it.

On another note... since the CFL is so interested in how the fans think the league can improve, I'd suggest announcing this when the CFL is still relevant. No one cares three and a half months after the season is over. :roll:

Good choice.
I think Huffer was the favourite, and deservedly so. Congrats!!

Of course they are not biased towards the east....always been towards the west and this is just another example :lol:


Congrats to Huff :thup:

Very deserving. The man did not put one foot wrong since being hired.

Ok this is not cool. I totally disagree with the nominatons and winner! Don Mathiew's performance clearly showed he was the best coach last year! (best at losing...) lol

Thought the vote would be closer between Huff and Trestman but Huffer was definitely worthy of the award and congrats to him!

I wouldnt argue with either Hufnugel or Trestman but the right man won. Congrats Coach!

I'm just relieved Hufnagel won because (A) he totally deserved it (B) the thought of him not winning and then having to listen to Burris and D'Angelo whining was too grim to bear.

Huff's a genuine good guy, and had a deserving season - best record and a championship should say all that needs sayin'.

I just hope Calgary doesn't give him the treatment they gave their last coach of the year.....

You're lucky 05 isn't among us anymore; he totally would've taken that bait. :lol:

Personally think that Tressman should have won for the turn around of the team. But Huff deserves it too for what he did so I have no problem with it. Miller shouldn't have really even been considered IMO, he made some really bizzar coaching decisions towards the end of the season.

I am sure you are right. Between Rider fans crying about free agents signing with other teams, Rod Pedersen crying about officiating, and Glen Suitor whining about everything being unfair to poor poor Saskatchewan, I am sure we will all get our fill of whining. :wink: