Hufnagel to Coach from the Bleachers!!!


C.P.--- :Toronto columnist Marty York has just reported apparently that John Hufnagel will have headset contact with Henry Burris calling back-up plays just in case Henry does not like Tom Higgins and the Offensive Co-ordinator original calls from the sidelines. York said, " This strategy will give the Stamps a better chance to win because two chessmasters are better than one." Henry Burris preferred messages with plays be sent in by carrier pidgeon but it was felt that Gainer the Gopher would distract the pidgeons.

...with the three ring circus act being played out this week at McMahon this wouldn't surprize me....

Look for more broken plays.

And as Calgary stomps all over the Riders,Lions and Arugonuts on their way to winning the Grey Cup there is confusion and concern as Huffy win's the coach of the year award while not yet being named as such. Great script, now just sit back and watch.

There stallion, I fixed it for you... :twisted:

Could happen but I think not.

In the CFL you never know... :lol: :lol:

Wish it wasn’t windy there though. Hate to see a gusting wind of 70 plus km/hour. Takes away from the game. Huffy’s pigeons have a hard time flying into the wind to bring in plays.

Dont lie.



I heard he will be the GM as well