Hufnagel Calls Anderson Resigning "Unlikely"

If so, this is where Obie enters Purple Heart country, if the QB ends up being good for another team this will be a big part of what Obie in his last year as GM will be remembered for, big decision.

I always hate to lose a good young QB.

Lefko also said we would trade McDaniel for Tristan Jackson and hire Adam Rita to be OC. I don’t trust a thing he says.

Well then so much for getting Anderson back.

Lefko says anderson is a forgone conclusion. Edwards says its unlikely. How can two guys supposedly plugged in come to to two diff. conclusions ?

Going with Edwards on this one.

Dammit is it 12:01 yet? lol

The better question is what exactly is Lefko plugged into?

Barker at corner? he's NEVER played at corner... maybe highschool, but deffinately not in university, and not one damned play at pro... Leave him where he is.

As for Anderson, I'd be happier not having him here. Yeah, i'm all for a smash-mouth, ball-hawk defence... but this guy has an attitude problem, and is down right dirty. Penalties aside, there's alot he does that's just cheap and unsportsman like. Not the kind of player I would hope to represent the Black and Gold.

I'd rather a team fear getting shut down, picked off and layed out clean, instead of a shot to the ribs a face mask and a never stopping gab.

so yeah, pass. . . I just don't want to see this guy back in hamilton.

unless out coaches tell him to shut the hell up and play clean or sit.

Arash Madani says the Stamps and Anderson have agreed on a number but its a matter of structuring the deal.

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Madani is correct more often than not.

I'm not getting burned this year. Early to bed tonight, and if any news breaks overnight, I can read about it in the damn morning. :wink:

Because I believe in the individual's power to change, I would welcome Anderson here provided he can stay out of trouble. However, there are other DBs available and I trust Obie will do what's best for the team.

LMAO!! I hear ya.

Looking more and more likely that Tisdale will remain in Hamilton and Anderson will stay in Calgary. I think we need an official free agency thread!

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