Hufnagel Calls Anderson Resigning "Unlikely"

I'll now go find the link. Mark Masters tweeted it a few minutes ago.

On signing kick returner, Larry Taylor, #CalStampeders coach/GM Hufnagel: 'With the loss of Browner & the unlikelihood of signing Anderson, we lost some play-making ability'

Great, now sign him up Obie and let's bring the cup home :thup:

Crocodile tears from Huffy.
Never liked Anderson and could never control him. He has holes to fill now but he's certainly not all that upset about him leaving.

You Like Dewight or you don't

He a Trash talker who can back up his Trash talk

I love this kind of player..

Kind of guy you love to have on your team but hate to have against you because of his big mouth. If he can contribute to the team bring him back. Nice enough kid when he’s not playing though.

I can do without trash talk, but Anderson has the ball hawk ability our Secondary currently lacks.

I wish Anderson could simply back it up with just his play and not 10-15 yard penalties, a clown, jackass, undisciplined , uncoachable demeanor.

Penalties are definitely an issue, but in all honesty I put some of the blame on the CGY coaching staff (which may not speak well of our new DC). When you have a coach who is fined alone with 2 of his players for abuse of an official that is not a good sign.

Anderson had an attitude problem even when he was here. I vote no on bringing Anderson back, Lin Jay Shell should be available, and is a much humbler player with equal ability.

He worked with Brandon "I never cheat :wink: :wink:" Brown-noser.Of course he was going to be obligated to draw flags.

Well, much as I do admire Shell as a player, he as well has had some 'attitude' problems in the past.

Equal ability? Difficult to judge since he plays HB and Anderson plays corner. . .

Yes he has and always has some cheap shot issues. As much as Dwight has had some issues with attitude I'd take him over Shell.

Not meaning to pick on you specifically, since this error tends to pop up frequently around free agent time, however:
If a player "resigns" it means he quits.
If a player renews his contract he "re-signs".

[url=] ... vs_re_sign[/url]

I'd love to get an all-star corner in here to go alongside Hinds on the other corner. However, if we lose Tisdale, i'd rather focus on getting a guy that can play halfback before corner.

No worries, thank you. I blame the Internet for the decay of my grammatical skills.

I think Obie will sign Anderson and Huntley as free agents.

We could move Dylan Barker to the corner where he was projected to go when we drafted him #1

and play Kyres Hebert, who we picked up late last season at safety.

He is a beast. Shades of a young Rob Hitchcok only bigger.

He was a darn good safety when he played for Winnipeg, I believe it was.

Are you serious?
Barker would get killed on the corner.

8) Perry Lefko is reporting that Anderson will definitely end up back in Hamilton again.
 Also, the cats are trying desperately to unload either Quinton Porter or Adam Trafalis, to cut QB salaries.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  He predicts that Porter will most likely be the one to go !!!