Huf calls practice early, royally p*ssed....

...apparently at yesterday's Stamps practice, Huf blew a main bearing, resulting in a tirade, a severely injured clipboard, and the entire coaching staff walking off the field....reason: felt the concentration level of the R&W had drifted like an ADD kid with no sugar...the players stood around making whincy faces, and checking the status of the toes of their cleats....eventually the D sauntered off the practice field....the O stuck it out for a few more, meaningless, snaps before quietly heading back to the locker-room....wrong time to lose passion gentlemen, BC could eat you alive tomorrow....

Just doing it for effect to be sure they are ready, practice probably wasn't going all the great so he wanted to call it but rather than just calling it, he wanted to be sure the players knew what's at stake. Coaches do this sort of stuff, I mean practices in any sport get tiresome at times. I remember in high school when we were getting a talk from the coach and I guess I wasn't paying real attention, the coach yelled at me and said 'Mike, if you don't want to be here, pack it up and go to the locker room, you're wasting your time and my time and the team's time.' Man did I feel sheepish, stood right there and looked him in the eye and made sure I was paying attention, and we went on with the rest of the talk and the practice. Good coaches know what they are doing and when. We won the high school junior football championship that year BTW.

I bet you felt sheepish... he didn't even know your name was Earl, not Mike. :slight_smile:

Also, the Stamps better not poop out before the one game of the year that I'll be cheering for them...

won't matter if we win before that game...


Yup. Its all for effect. Huf is a good coach and is just trying to motivate the players. He’s done things like this before.

Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

So... is the clipboard OK?

When I see Huf on the sidelines, man as a player he was great and could be, no where near yet but could be, a CFL icon coach in future years. We'll see. Should be a good game that's for sure.

Hey, Earl, Mike, whatever eh guys? :wink:

I could only wish Ritchie hall would have some balls like that.Grow a spine Hall and get your team in order!

aparently there was only five minutes left in the practice... so he still got all the work out of them.