Hudson was Tired of Missing the Playoffs in Ottawa.

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During a phone interview yesterday, Hudson said he'd have a better chance of making the playoffs wearing black, yellow and white in Hamilton, something he never did during four seasons in Ottawa.

"When you lose a lot and you're in the public like I and the rest of the team are and lose like the way we were losing, I really couldn't look at my neighbours anymore," said Hudson.

"I'd run into the house. I didn't want to go to the grocery store. I was tired of being in a shell."

Hudson also said the Renegades are an organization headed in the wrong direction, "where it doesn't seem like the priorities were in winning anymore."

That opinion disappointed Renegades president Lonie Glieberman.

"We're going to spend more on player salaries this year than in any of the five years of the football team," said Glieberman, tending to his ski resort business yesterday in northern Michigan.

Glieberman hastily revealed the reworking of receiver and kick returner Jason Armstead's deal.


Armstead was signed for next season and a 2007 option, but the new deal, to be formally announced as early as today, would keep the speedster in Ottawa for the next five years.

Late last month, Glieberman thought he had secured Hudson to a long-term contract.

The club had offered Hudson a princely sum of $275,000, including a signing bonus for the first of a five-year deal.

With bonuses and incentives, the deal nearly could have made Hudson a millionaire over its course, a staggering contract for a CFL offensive lineman.

"He agreed, and it looked like we had a deal done," Glieberman said, speaking of a phone conversation he had with Hudson last month.

But Hudson never formally signed.

Now there's a guy who I think has his priorties right! A little less money but playing for a better run team with a better chance at the glory.
Smart guy.

And he's from St. Catherines, so the Ticats are a lot closer to home as well.

Just because he signs the deal, doesn't mean that LG needs to live up to his end of the deal. Smart move on Hudsons part.

Hudson is an idiot traitor

....I think players were getting a little nervous ...with the handling and management of the team...the guranteed contracts that were being voided by the league... too many negatives........ today that one of the biggest supporters of the team locally ...may pull out.his backing not heartening. to say the least.....just my observation.. :roll:

You could say that about most players currently on the Renegades organization, since a lot of them have played elsewhere.

(I tried to check this out, but the Renegades web site is pathetic and outdated. I suppose it's good, though, in that it reflects their organization so accurately. :wink: )

yea...thier website was outdated once the Gades went on the freefall losing streak, that had them lose 7 straight....they seemed to forget to update after any of those

and the opening page is still from '

See what i mean folks the Gleibs are a are virus on the Rens. They need to be remove and that is one of the reasons why i did not want to assoicate with the Rens anymore.

now…if those kind of words doent fuel the flames for when the cats play in ottawa nothing will…at least the glibs are getting the press…even if it is bad.

...and replaced with what? They're the only people with enough money to operate a CFL team who want to have anything to do with football in Ottawa. Someone else needs to step up, and with the population repeatedly showing their lack of enthusiasm for the game, that's not likely to happen. To remove the Gliebermen would be to remove Ottawa from the CFL.