Hudson has a right ankle sprain

Kenny Peters Wrote George Hudson has Right ankle sprain (last Line)

I am glad Nothing for more
Means he should be back Labour Day
George is one of my Favourite Players on this team
I am Huge Booster of the Online.
Those are by Boys.

George Get Will My Friend
We need you back Labour day
so we can beat the Argos Again.
we need the Sweep
HOGGIES !!!!!!!!!!

Looks like someone is feeling better since his blog entries last week.


For minute there I was afraid it was a France ankle!


Thank goodness it's not something more serious. I've always been a fan of George. When I saw him on the crutches I immediately thought if might be the knee. That would not be good.

Ankle sprains come in varying degrees of severity and can be worse than a broken ankle.

Thanks for raining on my parade Cappy

8) Yes, and as you say, depending on the severity of the sprain, can even take longer to fully heal than a broken ankle !!! :roll:


Thought you’d be used to all this rain by now.

"the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain"

that must friggen hurt..!
his ankle in Spain and the rest of his body here!

OLE!.. :lol:

emms1 and catfan13, you made me snarf my coffee all over my keyboard!

sorry I should just copy the Spelling :lol:

But now the rest of the thread doesnt make sense Tom!