Huddle-ites, I didn't feel very good picking BB and Stamps

But I can hardly believe it that my 2 favorite teams pulled off victories. And then, I thought I was going to get all the picks right this week. Edmonton was about to kick the field goal to win the game and I was feeling good until that blocked punt to end the game. Man I was pissed. However, just then I noticed I didn't pick Edmonton, I picked Sask and I got 8 points last week.

I feel good

and I didn't know that I would

I feel good

and i didnt know that I would

so good

so good

Bombers and Stamps win and I get all my picks right for the first time this year. <-- Does that fit into the song?

Here is the standings, just to rub it in:

206 - Whippler 6 74
641 newfieoncflforum - newfie 8 70
822 Fooks - Fooks 2 70
1225 Als_Molson - Als_Molson - 68
1348 Third_And_Ten - Third And Ten's Picks 2 66
1804 The Rouge - Yeast#5-WR 4 64
1883 Horus! - Baden Boatmen 2 64
3163 Carson - Eskimos32001 - 58
3745 bamboo - Pandas Like It Wet 2 54
5076 Kucha - Team Australia 4 42
7014 Als_All_The_Way - Als_All_The_Way - 26
10026 The Uglies - 12
11339 Supertoe - Supertoe - 8

My Pick Went Completely Out The Window, The Only Game I Got Right Was The BC/Montreal Game And That Was Only By One Point. This Season Has Got Me All Screwed Up, I've Got No Clue Who Will Will Anything Any More. After Beating Them In The Grey Cup The Argos Lose Both Games To Vancuover, Montreal Loses To Ottawa (No One Saw That Coming), Winnipeg Beat Montreal, Edmonton Gets Beat By Calgary After Beating Them In The Labour Day Classic, Hamilton Beat Toronto. It's Been Really Difficult To Pick The Winners This Year, You Can't Use Historic Data, Or How The Standings Are This Year, Or Last Year. It Really Impresses Me Just How Well Fooks And Als_Molson Are Doing. Anyone Can Pick The Favourites To Win But These Guys Are Picking The Right Upsets And That Is Really Reflective Of Their Standings. Oh And Of Coarse Your Doing A Great Job Too Newfie.

A lot of it is fluke and gut feel this year. After the first couple weeks of being predictable, there has been so many games that could have gone either way. I mean, I won't gloat over 3rd&10 becuase he only got 1 game right last week and I got all 4 becuase his picks were good picks. I had a gut feel on Bombers and Stamps last week but my mind was tell me how stupid those pick were. McManus should have beat Gesser, right? It's only a fluke I got those right, and I was very unsure about the SK pick too - so much that I thought I picked Eskies, the logical choice.

I haven't had a perfect week yet. There is always that one game that messes up my week. I haven't been 0-4 in my picks either but I guess that's because my Lions haven't let me down yet.