Huddle-ite standings on FSN

Hey all,

Just wanted to update the FSN Huddle-ite pool through week 5.

Pick 10 Pool:
Fooks 623 pts
Horus! 600 pts
Third and Ten: 569 pts
Yeast#5 511 pts
Als_All_The_Way 467 pts
ro1313 461 pts
Carson 461 pts

Pick the Winners Pool:
Als Molson 34
Fooks 32
newfie 28
Third and Ten 28
Horus! 28
Yeast#5 26
bamboo 26
Als_All_The_Way 18
Kanga Kucha 12
Uglyandhasty 12 (at least I think this is your team....)
Supertoe 8

Keep getting those picks in gang. We've got a pretty good competition going on here.

I am third place bound... Must be because of my name...

Who is Carson?

Thanks for the up-date Horus.

I saw carson come up a few weeks ago and asked my self the same thing

3&10. I’m assuming you didn’t pick Bombers like I did last week. You should have listened to me.

We’re neck & neck Newfie, so I’m assuming you missed a pick I got right too.

But here’s a good strategy: Not ever picking the Bombers will get you more points than trying to guess which three games they might win. :slight_smile:

I is Carson, Carson is I...i missed week one so thats why im behind

3&10, I hope you continue that stategy then I’ll kick your butt.

I suck!

especilly since I forgot to pick in week 3!!! :oops:

Carson/Esks...glad to have you aboard the pool. I wouldn't worry about being behind too's not so much that you can't make that difference up.

It was tough week for most in the Pick the Winners...good thing BC pulled out the W vs Hamilton, or there would have been a lot of "2's" up on that board.

Keep up the good work gang!

I forgot to pick in weeks 3,4 & 5. Just slipped my mind.


Darn ! Forgot to make pics for weeks 3-4-5...

Damn! I never made any pick! How come I get all those points?..

I haven't looked at the site since week 1, how am I not in last?

Montreal scored 46 points last week...Calvillo and Cahoon had HUGE weeks.

63 points just the two of them.

hey whats the password for the pick the winners?

nevermind, i found i killed you guys this week