Huclack's Grey Cup ring returned

From the Sun:

WINNIPEG - A precious piece of sports jewelry has found its way back to the finger of an ex-Winnipeg Blue Bomber.

The 1984 Grey Cup ring of former Bomber fullback Dan Huclack, 54, was stolen when he was physically attacked and robbed by two thieves last November as he was walking to a doctor’s appointment at the Health Science Centre.

The muggers, who have yet to be arrested, approached him from behind on McDermot Avenue, stuck something in his back and demanded cash. When Huclack could only come up with $40, the thugs booted him in the groin, knocking him to the pavement. They then grabbed the gold ring featuring a diamond set in the Bombers’ W and his medication before fleeing.


In early April, the former CFLer had just decided to have a replica of the stolen ring made with his insurance money when the real thing turned up mysteriously on the doorstep of his Heritage Park home.

“My wife, Linda, got up for work and went to the front door to get the Winnipeg Sun and it was sitting on top of the paper,? Huclack said. “She brought it upstairs and just said, ‘Look.’

“I’m ecstatic to get it back and I can’t believe it.?

Huclack had been worried that if he found his ring it may have been damaged, but it came back in perfect shape.

“I thought they might try to pop the diamond out because they probably realized there was no way they could hock it,? Huclack said of the thieves.

The Bombers beat Hamilton 47-17 to take the ’84 title. Inscribed on the ring is that score, Huclack’s No. 30, and FB for his position.

While Huclack has a second Grey Cup ring from the CFL title he won two years later with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, he said the ring from his Bomber days is special.


“The ’84 ring is a real piece of history because the Bombers hadn’t won in 20 years,? Huclack said. “I was going to get another one made, but it just wouldn’t have been the same as the ring I got with the fellas.?

Huclack phoned the police about the ring’s return, but the crime remains a mystery.

Great to hear he got the ring back. I hope they catch the idiots who mugged him.

That's fantastic. And I'm glad that someone had a conscience.