When you believe you are the smartest person in the room, but eveything you do seems to reveal the complete opposite, that is a problem.

How can Coach Cortez develop the weekly game plan, while still being responsible for player personnel decisions like evaluation, recruiting, and signing better players?

How can Coach Cortez serve as the offensive coordinator during games, while still being expected to manage the game as the head coach, which should involve having input in all in-game strategy decisions and adjustments, including defense and special teams?

I don't think he can.

The key to any successful operation is the ability to attract quality staff, and the skill at delegating authority to those that have been put in place. It also involves recognizing when someone is lacking the needed skill set to succeed and providing them with the support they need to improve their performance.

Make no mistake, Coach Cortez is Scott Mitchell's hire so don't blame Obie. In fact, Obie may have his hands tied because Cortez has so much power over football ops.

Until the man in charge of the football operations accepts that the status quo is not capable of succeeding, there will be no chance of success. To retain the stubborn position that "I know more than anyone and it can't be my fault', is the worst kind of arrogance and hubris.

There are resources available like Obie and Danny Mac , Womack and the scouting staff and there is no reason why more resources can't be added. There is no salary cap on staff. Of course, you would have to have a coach willing to value the opinion of others, rather than only his own.

The problem seems to be that we can't attract quality coaching staff in the first place. I don't think the job of 'professional scapegoat with no job security' sounds very appealing to someone who knows they will have more job security and make their resume look better by taking a different job.

With hiring Cortez so late, we didn't have enough time to get a quality staff together.

Next year we will have an OC which will free Cortez up to put more time into evaluating the defense. Offensively, we are fine, we need to just keep starting Cobourn, put Stala in for Giguere and get another tackle to replace Dile.

It's all about the defense.

Hubris? Who does he play for?

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Wasn’t he the player to Renegades drafted who had just died? :wink:

A very well thought out and written post by Cager.