Hub city concept

The CFL is now looking into a hub city concept to at least save some sort of a season.

Regina is mentioned as one of the cities.

Is it even possible based on their business model.

Have they released their business model for playing games in a hub city?

Working on it as we speak.

Perhaps, Vancouver in their dome to control the weather elements for the West teams,
Open skydump in Toronto to CFL football again for the East teams.

Both sites would have tons of Hotel accommodations

Both domes are not being used at the moment so could probably get them cheap

It will depend on the province (BC & Ontario) signing off on the usage

I'm not sure if you can configure the SkyDome for CFL football anymore.

Though we're still months away from a hub city possibility, I'm not sure Toronto would be one of the safer options. Why not Regina or Winnipeg, given the current low incidence of the virus there. If people are not allowed to attend, maybe Moncton could do some East games.

...i don't like the hub city idea for the sake that whatever city is selected, that home team has a definite advantage over the other teams...say if Regina is selected (great stadium, I can see why it would be a front runner) would the riders get to stay at home while the other four western teams are shacked up in hotels for extended periods of time? unfair in my opinion...would the riders be expected to be hoteled as well? maybe levels the field a bit, I dunno...

...i could get behind the hub city idea if it was a neutral site, but good luck finding that

Good point if true. (stupid 20 character rule) :rage:

How would you like to be quarantined for 3 winter months in Regina or Winnipeg? :rofl:

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Better than not getting paid :wink:

IMO the possibility of one team getting to stay at home is the least of the CFLs concerns right now. I'm all for anything that allows some sort of season to happen.


I am down with that as well.

Hopefully it would be Sept through November. Later than that and yeah a dome would be preferable.

You're against this option because you are worried about a hub city getting a competitive edge? That's what you're concerned about the most while staring down a game-less season?

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Expect this may be for no-fans games ... with Gov't money replacing ticket sales ...

Would doubleheaders be practical? Have the home team play in the second game so fans (if there will be any) could come early for the first game rather than leave if the home team game was played first

..what’s the point of doing anything if you’re not going to do it fair? Does that deserve a wow?

Dog River.
The Ruby set is still there to feed them. Contact tracing would be a cinch because you could keep an eye on EVERYONE easily.
Build a field in the wheat and they will come.


Who could watch football when legions of people are distracted by the infamous mole. Volumes have been written about it, if you know what I mean.