HTC Virtual Dartboard Game

Go ahead. You know you want to.

Do it.



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@bobo82 would put kneeler White up here too.

Whatever gets you through the night.

It’s all about healing.

not at all funny when you put up Pinball's pic in this context.

But you’re ok with Shawn Burke?

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Feathers ruffled much ?

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Where are you going with this? :thinking:

Dont like to idea of anyone thinking it be fun to throw darts at Pinball and the implied dissing.

In other words, dont throw darts at good people. That sort of thing


I think it was more of a joke that the face of the Argos lured away one of Hamilton’s most coveted players. I doubt that anyone has any real malice towards Pinball.

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You didn’t scroll down far enough in my post after you saw Pinball’s pic. Shawn Burke worked for the Ticats for many years and became GM in Ottawa this year. That big lovable cue ball ransacked our team today.

This was a lighthearted post to get back at a) Pinball for signing our top free agent and b) Burke for signing pretty much every other free agent we had.

To me it’s the sign of ultimate respect - when you hate your opponents, they must be doing something right. Both men did very well today picking our team apart.

All good?

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my bad. Pinball just one of my fav guys in sports.

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