HT: There, You Have Meaningful Football TigerTown

[i]Isn’t this what everyone in Hamilton has been screaming for since 1999? Meaningful football midway through October — granted, not quite in this fashion. The Tiger-Cats appeared to be home free going in to week 13 with a six-point lead over the Bluebombers. Fans might as well have been told to pre-order their playoff tickets with Winnipeg’s dysfunction only adding to their deficit in the East. As for the Argos…well, yeah…

Shockingly, the implosion in TigerTown has not gone over too well among the fans. Coach Marcel Bellefeuille and his young quarterback Quinton Porter have been at the forefront of the local criticism. Quinton Porter being booed off the field at Ivor Wynne Stadium had a eerily familiar feel to it. Some no-name quarterback by the name of Anthony…something, wasn’t good enough for the fans in Hamilton. Now, instead they get to watch Calvillo torch the Ticats a few times year en route to Grey Cup runs year after year after year after year…

Thank God he’s gone. What a bum.

Not to come flying in to Porter’s rescue here but on the play that resulted in him being booed mercifully off the field (which happened to be his own errant fumble resulting in a Bombers touchdown), Winnipeg lined up on defense with a three-man front. It was three against five on the line in favour of Hamilton and before Porter could even finish his step drop, he was on the run from not just one, but two Bluebomber defensive ends. Pass protections has been an issue all season long for Hamilton and while Porter himself knows that he needs to take care of the ball;

“Fumbles are just tough things and I got to know better securing the ball?


It’s awfully tough for a young American quarterback to learn his progressions while he’s on the run all the time — albeit, often prematurely. Porter is a young American quarterback, being just that.

However, it is time to play Kevin Glenn at quarterback based on the circumstances. This is playoff football, from here until (hopefully for Cats fans) late November and there is a serious danger of Porter being scarred in Hamilton. This is one of those situations where teams say, “I wish we had a veteran QB to take some pressure off of our future guy?. Hamilton does have that guy and isn’t this why Glenn was signed to begin with? I’m a firm believer that Porter will be an good CFL quarterback but the “on the job training? that he’s about to endure may be a little too risky. Not just for Porter’s sake, but the city’s sake as well.

Hamilton needs playoff football and not many fans are prepared to stick around and watch a 9th place team next season…again. It’s playoffs or bust in Hamilton right now but at least fans get to watch some must-win, playoff-ish football in the next five weeks. Whether it goes beyond that…well, the Tiger-Cats front office doesn’t even want to entertain the possibility of it ending in week 19.[/i]

8) If this team fails to secure a playoff spot this season, it will be a public relations nightmare for
 this franchise, let alone how it would affect season ticket renewals for next season  !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The comparisons to Calvillo need to stop.

There’s been 15 quarterbacks since then (probably more) and most of them went on to do nothing. Many are out of football altogether, but for the ONE QB we let get away (In favor of Danny McManus and the best QB in the history of the franchise) we have to hear about it every time a QB gets booed off the field because he cant hang on to the football.

Maybe he’s the next Calvillo, maybe he’s the next Billy Dicken/Todd Bankhead/Kevin Eakin. The odds are on the the second. by far.

Crash nobody is comparing Porter to Calvillo . They are simply saying that a young guy who is tying to make a name for himself in the CFL is being blamed for every loss .

Simply put , he would of won a game IN Calgary ( when was the last time we won 2 games in BC and one in Calagry in the same season ?) if our kicker had made kicks when it counted . if he drives the ball to scoring position shouldnt he have the same expectations of Setta as you have of him to hang on to the ball when he gets hit ?? if Setta makes the kicks we win, simple as that !!!

 So yes he fumbled the ball but if you watch the start of the game he moved the ball and hit Bruce with a pass that he should of caught and ran for big yardage ( i think maybe a TD) The Defense played awful to start the game yet nobody is talking about the lack of pressure and the poor coverage of WRs on long routes . why oh why do we blame the QB all the time ?? Start who  they want next game but if you watch the replay of the game it could of been much different if our defense played like it has and our recievers hung on to the ball !!!

Granted, balls were dropped. But wasn't the throw to Bruce that might have gone for a touchdown overthrown?

Setta should share some blame as should our defense, especially the DBs who refuse to look back for the ball(ie: Bo Smith).

ok let’s look at the last game. If memory serves me well (and my memory is not the greatest) Opening drive of the game. We go long. Good call. Receiver is open with a three step lead on his defender. Would have been a TD or at least a big time gain. PORTER OVERTHROWS wide open receiver. MOTIVATION BUSTER
Soon after. Porter hits Bruce with a pass that everyone here seems to think was an easy catch but was, in fact, very difficult because it hits Bruce in the knees. MOTIVATION BUSTER. It was a five-yard pass and Porter couldn’t hit him in the torso area. Instead he goes for the knees, which is a lot harder catch than many people think.

On the other side of the football, Bishop hits Bowman for a 60-yarder or something on their first play of the game. In three plays they are in our endzone. MOTIVATION BUSTER.

We start marching the ball. Things are looking pretty good. Porter fumbles. Instead of tying the game or at least getting a field goal, we give up the ball. MOTIVATION BUSTER.

Soon after, Porter fumbles again on our 5 yard line leading directly to a TD. MOTIVATION BUSTER.

We can’t recover from early mistakes until the second half…
GAME OVER almost before it began.

Is it Porter’s fault. Not entirely, but certainly he played a major role in the collapse. The real blame goes to Marcel who knew we have had slow starts all season with Porter starting. And he continued to start him.

And I am concerned that if Glenn doesn’t light up the scoreboard in Montreal, Porter will be starting in Toronto.

Oh that’s mostly my opinion. Mayber a few facts thrown in :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the problem and why I personally get upset, that first pass was an great opening and is tryed often by other teams. Maybe it was sightly over thrown but not the way you decribe it, maybe the receiver slowed or was held up or plain out isnt fast enough.
The long bomb is a very low percentage play. What we got is the same thing that happens I'd bet 85% of the time. An incompletion. That was a well thrown ball.


  1. How about Porters busted motivation, Bruce dropping that pass is unacceptable. Arland Bruce is not up to the standards of the top CFL receivers.
  2. Cobb lost in the back field 9 times out of 10 unless he is handed the ball. (I like Cobb, and this is the OC fault as he shouldnt be the lone back)
  3. Gauthier has been awful as of late.
  4. Pressure to move the ball because as of late a field goal is not a high percentage play.
  5. An Offensive system that does not take advantages of Porters strenghts.

I hope Glenn does well in Montreal, and in the minds of Glenn supporters I lose the debate. But from this debate I sure hope some more fans take closer looks at situations and realize that Porter is not even 50% to blame.

So let me get this straight now ...... Porter overthrows deep on the first play and this is a motivation killer ?? He has Bruce in the flat WIDE OPEN and because he doesnt run over and place the ball in his hands its a badly thrown ball ?? But the long passes over Bo Smith are somehow overlooked and you have no problem with him covering Montreal receivers next Sunday ??

By the way great post Justafan !!!!

Come on, there are countless examples on this board every time a QB gets roasted in this town... to Calvillo. Please tell me you disagree with that. Or has it been too long since you singled a post to call me out on?

The long ball to McDaniel was long...but does it mean it was overthrown?

Deep ball accuracy is about giving the receiver a chance. It's up to the receiver to get under the ball from there and at first glance it looks like it was perfectly thrown but on the replay you can clearly see McDaniel change his speed. Again, it's excuses for Porter but what might be the biggest concern is how big the drop off is from the top receivers and the rest.

Without Prechae in the lineup, it's going to be awfully tough to find much offense through the air.

Bruce will get extra attention and after him, who's going to make the big plays? Stala just isn't that kind of receiver and McDaniel, well...

If he's the next best option then the Cats are in trouble

Look back to when Hamilton has had success. In every one of those wins, there was either a circus catch by Bruce in double coverage and/or a couple 40+ runs by Cobb. The offense has thrived on big plays all season and they're simply being defended by their opponents right now. Put P-Rod in the lineup and game planning against Hamilton just got a whole lot tougher.