HT: Kevin Glenn and Otis Floyd talk East Semi's

Couple of quick observations from Thursday's practice:

  • in my six years covering the Ticats I have never seen a more loose and composed group. There is a glaring veteran presence this season and it's no coincidence that the team got better down the stretch.

  • the most likely scenario will see TWO kickers dressed on Sunday. Nick Setta hasn't been 100% for most of the year so if he does make the lineup, then Jeremy Ito will likely join him. Ito's leg strength was impressive -- all it comes down to is making accurate pressure kicks.

  • Prechae Rodriguez had a rough practice with quite a few dropped balls that hit him in the hands. A few of them bounced out of his hands and turned into interceptions for the defense, so he may have some kinks to work out.

Here's some audio from Kevin Glenn and Otis Floyd:

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Thanks Urch!

It's always good to hear how our players are feeling about the upcoming game. They both sound calm and confident...

I think we are gonna see one hell of an effort from the Cats. :cowboy: