HSR Ticket to Ride

Is the HSR shuttle program in effect for this game?

I hope to get inebriated at the game!

I'd like to officially nominate this as post of the year.

Just throwing it out there. Not only is your alcohol consumption good for the Tiger-Cats concession sales, your choice of transit is cost-efficient, responsible, and environmentally friendly.

Well done.

  • paul

ps. I have no idea if that HSR program is in effect for this Sunday's game.

lmao. this was a great post to wake me up thismorning. :slight_smile:

Yes. It's up and running.

Good call. Don't drink and Drive!!



LoL planning for the future .... Amen

I seriously laughed my ass off at this post.
So succinctly stated. No beating around the bush about intentions. The contrast of such a responsible question being asked inorder to behave irresponsibly.

It's beautiful.