HSR bus rides

Has any one heard if the HSR is going to have the free bus rides if you have a ticket for the game again this year ? :slight_smile:

I hope so because I take advantage of it everytime I go. I was telling the boys at work how I love how the HSR does that. It beats fighting for parking and you don't have to worry about having a brewsky or two while at the game. The best is the ride back when everyone is talking about the game.
They better keep this tradition alive because a friend won seasons tickets and he's not a football fan. I'm kissing his butt right now.

The HSR program is the same as it has been the last few seasons. Please feel free to contact 905.547.2287 if you have any questions. Or use this thread.

Yes They will my dad works for the HSR

Even better this year the HSR has the new articulated (Slinky) busses,maybe some of those will be out there?

Is it true that those double busses ,the Slinkys are run on battery powered Eclectric motors....?

Someone told me they are the first Articulated busses in North America run on hybrid battery powered electric motors!!

Cool !....No Smoke ....You'd think Toronto would have thought of that in their big smoke and all....?

Naaah too much of a no brainer ...

yes they do all the 06's run on diesel/electric hybrid motor.
also i noticed in the hsr summer news there will be buses from university plaza in dundas to ivor wynne

University plaza!? That's perfect for me. Thanks for the good news! :slight_smile: