Ah.....finally, the monkey is off our LIons' backs.

Gore was brilliant! Simon bang on! Loooooo- Layyyyyy was as calm and composed as I've ever seen him. The O Line did its job. The D-Line played like they were possessed. Makes me wanna sing... DAYYYYY-OHHHHH!

Now Lions.....make it two in a row!

The boys are back in town!

Thank you, Lions, for giving me the win in BigDave's pool! :smiley:

I knew BC had to bounce back eventually. Geroy played like it was 2006. In fact, he's having another great season from a statistical standpoint. What a great receiver, a pass-catcher for the ages...

The best part is we'd be in the playoffs if they started today.

Figures they finally win and im overseas. Ill have to get it off itunes when i get back

Even sweeter for me as they did it against the riders!!

Now they know what winning is like, lets hope they keep at it!

I’m with you on that 5440! I can’t say enough about how well I believe the Lions played last night. They deserved it. They didn’t win because of Saskatchewan miscues. They outplayed the melons and out muscled them. The Roughies are a good team but I think when all is said and done, the Lions will prove to be the better of the two.

An added bonus was Winnipeg knocking off Edmonton. I thought Pierce was brilliant and gutsy. I have a feeling the playing field has been leveled as of last night. I’m circling August 05, 2011 as the date the Lions were resurrected from the ashes. In 4 weeks we may well find the Lions right in the thick of things. I will make a prediction. Though Edmonton is 5-1, I think that will change to 6-3 or even 5-4 in the next three weeks or so. Things are going to even out.

I find it very interesting that for a team that has been in back to back Grey Cups, the Roughies are 1-5 this year. That’s been a real surprise. I know they lost Fantuz and I know Cates was out but I don’t think there’s been much change since last year.

It's a huge relief, but it's gonna be an uphill battle from here. Lions just gotta keep pushing and make it happen.

keep howling hound. dust off your fight song for Friday baby.

The prediction around here was the riders would not be as good this year but no one expected this kind of start, but that's fine with me. Keeps things a little quieter this summer for me. I still have to be careful when and where I wear my Lions gear in these parts if I value my life.

I must say I never expected this slow start by BC either. It would be nice if they make the playoffs and win the GC at home and the riders don't make the playoffs. One can dream...I'm just sick seeing the riders in the GC.