How's your cursive?

How’s your cursive a.k.a. script?

Do you use it often? Or so seldom that you’ve lost the fluidity you once had? Or has it been so long since you used it that you’ve completely lost the ability to write in cursive?


I am completely fluent in cursive. I print more only because I am neater at it. I always use cursive to write my signature.

I like cursive. Feel sorry for those that don’t learn it.

Cursive is prettier.

and faster.

…every once in a while I’ll give it a try to see if muscle-memory still works…it always does, and looks exactly like my writing did in about grade seven…

I use it when I don’t want most of the younger generations to understand what i wrote. It’s almost like a code.

I still remember the foot by foot cards running along the top of walls of the primary classrooms.

Good move - use proper English too and together you would elude at least 40% under age 35 or so in the US

I use cursive everytime I sign the alimony cheque. lol, J/k, but I do suppose few people print their signature.


otoh, I am not so fond of cursive people :slight_smile: