how's this for a switch

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A young kid with the CFL as the goal.

Love it. Love the CFL

Great read, thanks CFL4U. This guy is training the neurons in his brain to really want to play in the CFL which he knows he has a much better chance at. Rather than training the neurons with looking at the CFL as "second place" or not reaching your goal. Smart kid who obviously loves the game! :thup:

Good for him I guess. Doesn't sound like much of a quarterback though. Put up some pretty poor numbers in his year under Chapdelaine at SFU, and then got told the next year he should switch positions. I wouldn't count on ever seeing him in the CFL.

What a great way to discourage young kids from getting involved with the Forum and football in general!

I read this the other day, awesome kid who believes in the CFL and is not swayed or poisoned to think otherwise.
The US wannabees must be going crazy.

No doubt in my mind, this kid deserves a chance to prove himself whether it be in the CFL or NFL! He will work his butt off to make his dream come true.

He's a 25 year old man that's barely played a full season since high school. No need to handle him with kid gloves.

Your opinion which you are entitled to.