How's Roberts Looking?

Hey guys, just wondering....How has Roberts been since joining you guys? I watched that first game, he seemed OK, but looking at the game stats the last few games he hasn't done too much (but then again you guys aren't running too much....).
What is the general opinion of him? I think to use him properly he has to get the ball about 20 times a game, that's when he really starts to roll out the yardage.
I was pretty upset to see him go, but it was probably a blessing in disguse as Reid and Smith have been more than capable.

Would be cool to meet up in the PO's, unlikely though!

To date, he's fairly average...although we're not using him as much as Logan. I like him and feel he's definitely an asset. Pretty low key right now though.

This is just my opinion, but Roberts is done. I have no idea why we are even playing him. I suppose you have to give the guy a chance, but Logan is by far the better RB. Roberts just doesn't have the speed or acceleration he once had. I don't know if it's conditioning or age, but he isn't 'Blink' anymore.

I'm fairly sure that Roberts will retore after this year, as I don't see Wally offering any sort of contract based on his play so far.

Logan seems to be a much better back so far. He is very explosive and full of energy every time he gets the opportunity to carry the pigskin. Roberts has showed little to no advatage having him in the backfeild. Although he has just joined the team, I feel he needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat and show the fans what he can do. That being said, there is no reson to let him go. Injuries can happen at any time and its nice to have a vetran like him around just in case. Althogh in the mean time, Logan should get most of the carries from here on in.