Has Obie had his surgery?

If so, any word on how he is doing?

Get well soon- all the best.

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This is taken from The Above link. I Guess he find he is back to work.

Well thanks Scott... it’s a pleasure to be here with everyone today because as many of you know I had to go in and get some reconstructive surgery on my right hip so I just got home last night from the hospital and this is my first official business after the surgery so I’m glad to be back in the flow with everybody.

As Scott mentioned… we feel like to have a very outstanding season, and just being objective about it, I think we have addressed problems of concern with our player signings. I feel like our quarterback situation probably as stable as any in the league now we still have to see who is going to be the guy to lead us to the winning land but there are lot of positives things going on with our player personnel department.

Thanks for the information.

Your Welcome.

There update on Obie on Front Page of site .
He thanks everyone for the good wishes.

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