Hows Mike Kelly looking tonight???

A rebuilding year you say, nobody said anything about a rebuilding year. Bombers 3-9 Mike Kelly is still available, so he yells at the fans and the media, there are worse things. He had a QB with a great arm in Bishop, could have been soooo special. I am certain there are some here that agree with me, but are afraid to get hammered for admitting it!!!!


don't think so

Bishop wasn't a quarterback. He was an arm in search of a brain...which put's him one step ahead of Mike Kelly.

The Alouettes went deep into the well to win this one. I for one have been impressed all year by the Bombers great defense...and while one might question LaPolice for going with Buck Pierce from the can hardly blame a team for struggling after losing their starting quarterback. Oh and get rid of Bowman...fer God's sake!

I almost never say this to an opposing team, or their fans...but I do know a few people from Winnipeg...know how frustrating last year was...and understand how it's not much better this year. But if tonight's game doesn't give you guys hope...then I don't know what will.

Great game Bombers

This was a heck of a game that came down to the winning team knowing how to win and losers still trying to figure it out.

Yep. As you already noted in the game thread, that double pass play to Edwards was baffling at that point in the game. I also though Reid wasn’t as much of a factor in the second half as he should have been.

Agreed...I gotta admit I was a little puzzled with that one...but then again, if the throw was deep enough...well...who knows.

Wow, PaulPearson/BramletGirl has returned as Mr. Wonderful. You have to be kidding right! New GM, New President, New Coach, New QB's, and 14 rookies (at last count) - NOT A REBUILDING YEAR? This team needed has needed a complete overhaul for years, and finally got one. Even at 3-9 I'm feeling pretty confident about our future.

sorry about the name change people. For some reason after posting for a year or so, the board wouldn't let me in as "wpgotis". Said the username wasn't recognized when I asked for a password reset, then wouldn't let me create an account because that username was taken - :? I'm not trying to escape from old names like Mr. Wonderful :smiley:

I don't mind going deep. I do question the wisdom of having a receiver make that pass at a time when your team is ahead and doesn't need to be pulling gadget plays out of its rear end to be effective. Edwards threw that ball into double coverage. A real QB who's used to reading the field would never have made that throw. That pick took the potential for points off the board for Winnipeg and gave my Als new life.

I have to fault LaPolice for dialing that play up. I feel like LaPo has a tendency to outsmart himself sometimes instead of just playing smash-mouth football. Jyles was having a great game -- why not let him stretch the field?

So now we’ve lost six games by less than a touchdown…and how often have we questioned one of LaPo’s fourth-quarter calls in those games?

Anyway, there was lots of good stuff out there. Congrats to the Als for staying the course, and I agree there’s far more hope for us out there now than there was a year ago. We’re the best 3-9 team ever; the wins will come.

EVER???? I would say the Lions are better than you guys NOW. If not, then make the playoffs ahead of them. Not going to happen IMO.

Worry about your Riders and your 3 Grey cups in a 100 years, instead of trolling on here ! Nobody said we were winning the Grey Cup this year !

In my lifetime the Riders have won 2 and the Bombers 1. What happened before WW4 means nothing to me as far as football goes. But hey, if you can get that much satisfaction over something that happened 20 years ago, fill your boots there Kasper.Oh, and keep denying the present 20 years where you guys have been the joke of the league.

Joke of the league for 20 years, okay :roll: At least it's obvious you have no clue ! 10 3 is all that matters , sport ! Or if you want to play that game, you lose again ! I was around for 3 ! This will shock you, but 3 is more than 2 ! 2 < 3 . 3 < 10
Any way you slice it, the Riders are last !

Shootout in the 'Peg!!!

Congrats to the BB!!! To all of you BB fans, I know last night was a tough loss - we know all about that with the Als (like 5 disppointing performances in the GC!).

Welcome to the CFL Mr. Carr! Jyles also had an awesome game. Looks like you have all of the building blocks to be a great contender once more. It's not a lost cause this season, either; with a couple of Ws here and there, you can still make the playoffs.

Don't worry Kasps, we all know they can't count!

Thanks jkm, in spite of the reffing it was an entertaining game.

For Dan, you ain't whistling Dixie WRT to the zebras! We (Als) are the most penalized on PI and contacting the receiver. What's worse, clear cases of "contact" are sometimes called, sometimes not. Every time I see a deep route, I hold my breath - will there be a flag or not?

In the off season, the CFL rules need to make things clear WRT PI. Is contact on a receiver permissible or not? If it is, then please clearly explain to us under what circumstances it can be done or not. Otherwise, just say that any contact before the pass arrives is illegal!

IMO throwing flags on deep routes every other play either kills drives or gives momentum (not necessarily earned!) to the O team. C'mon refs - let's make this one clear!!!!

do you think the Lions would’ve had a prayer against a Montreal team with AC as on fire as he was last night?

I sure don’t.

they can’t even score a touchdown…