How's it feel?

Normally I would cheer for the Cats, but so many TiCat fans shot their mouths off about the Bomber game and the up-coming BC game, i just wonder how you feel now you got beat by your former QB.

How does it feel to get into the playoffs thanks to the Ticats?Just wondering cause BC sucked too much to do it on their own.

Is it irony that the Bombers former QB comes in with Hamilton and kills the Bombers, then Hamilton's former QB comes in and kills the Ti-Cats?

It feels good. Thanks for asking. In your best season in years, you lose to us, in what`s considered a re-building year.

Eastern Division Championships is not bad for a re-building team.

Of course there's more ticat fans on here, their official message boards are connected to which is why you see more of them. They make the playoffs and have a decent season for the first time in a long time, you had to expect there was going to be some trash talk.

Stop crying, you guys were all over the Bomber forum trolling and having a grand old time. You got beat by a better team today, in a good game. Hamilton had a good year and hopefully are competive next year, hopefully WPG does their part to avoid the West crossing over. I think the Argos were relagated to the cis and will have to win the vanier cup to be promoted back to the CFL :lol:

I’m not crying, I did that a few hours ago :lol:
I’m defending my ground just like you guys had to after you lost.That’s one of the difficult aspects of losing unfortunately.

I personally am loving seeing Ticat fans get there comeuppance.

No shame in this loss. That was the best game I've been to in years. I'm fine with losing to a team quarterbacked by Casey Printers as well. Many Ti-Cat fans are still Casey Printers fans. Of course, I would have rather won but the fact that Printers was the quarterback doesn't bother me at all. He's a great quarterback.

What do you know about our team? Nothing. Is this not a rebuilding year for us? Coming off a 3-15 season - yeah I'd say it was a rebuilding year and what a great job the team did this year. So stop talking like this is the best season our team has ever had and still wasn't good enough to beat a lowly rebuilding team :roll: . Someone's been into the sauce today, yes?

Everything I posted there is a fact. Dont get upset at me..

2 straight 3-15 season's followed up by a 9-9 season and home playoff's is just beast i'm sorry.Completely successful year for the Cat's, hell I remember people taking bet's before the pre-season on how many losses Hamilton would have in '09 because we were the running joke of the CFL.There was even that thread on this forum "how many losses for the Ticats this year?" quite a few posted 0-18 or 1-17.I personally was going to be very happy with 6 wins so 9 has me ecstatic and happy that I renewed my season's for 2010.With all our starter's guaranteed to becoming back besides Dyakowski who face's FA in the off-season, and Obie's outstanding ability to find raw American and Canadien talent,always perform blockbuster trades while costing us as little as possile (Goodspeed,Bruce,etc.), as well as some guys we signed with promise towards 2010 (Rottier, Carlson, Brown, Morencie, Carter) I have a very good feeling about 2010 and for now it's time to sit back, watch the other team's play and watch Obie work his magic. GO RIDERS!!!!!!

Agreed, I wouldn't be surprised if the Cats go 11-7 next year.

Nothing you posted is fact. It may be, according to you but it's grossly inaccurate. If you can't see that, then you have proved my point.

i think printers would be awesome to watch live. im glad you had a good time at the game. i am jelous. so far, this is a competive evenly matched playoffs. cant wait for next week. im happy the cats had a successful season. one of the best turnarounds in cfl modern history in only one season. i was split to be honest. i couldnt decide who to hope for. either way, i had already planned, who ever won, i would cheer for them against the als.

Hamilton played a great game as well came from down 10 twice. They got some really good recievers now and a good Oline and great front 7 on D. They will have 2 if not 3 solid teams in the east next year.

It actually didnt hurt me at all, our team came out and gave it our all, the Lions gave it their all, and we tied. The Lions made one more play than us. It was a good battle, one team had to win, its too bad it wasnt us, but credit to the Lions to playing hard. There was no controversy with bad calls, just two real good football teams playing hard for the full game, and then a one series take all. The Lions rose to the challenge and won, good for them.

Still 1 HUGE obstacle to go before claiming that :thup: