How's everyones cheerleaders this year?

Here in Ottawa, it’s a lot better than it was last year. Not so hard on the eyes this year. :lol:

I got ratings of cheerleaders on this forum. Nothing hasn’t been posted in a while because they haven’t had any new ones on in a while. The Ottawa ones are hardest to look at from the 2-4 cheerleaders from each team that I have rated so far.
Here are the averages:
Ti-cat 9.33
Bombers 9
Stamps 8
Eskies 7.5
Argos 7
Als 7
Lios 6
Renegades 5.75

Did you see your cheerleader posted on now?

She’s from last year. Take a look at the Gades website to see them.

Sweeet. nice improvement. whoa, check out Sara

I’m waiting for a full moon to see if any of them howl out here…LOL

…good for the Gades for promoting special needs employment…they hired Sara, who lost her arms in a freak snowmobiling accident and now relies on navigating and manipulating her world by using her enormous mammary glands…

In Montreal, I think there’s a very nice one in the pack, but I wouldn’t know who she is. If you sit in my seat, she’s the third from the right in the 3rd quarter… a smiling brunette… :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. Can she shake pom poms with those since she got no arms?

Hey, I’m Not Complaining

My Favourite So Far That Has Been On The CFL’s Site Is Chantel Of The Ti-Cats. (She’s From Brantford, Which I Think Is Canada’s Capitol For Hot Girls). The Argos Hottest Cheerie Has To Be The Girl That’s Getting Married To Andre Talbot (Or Got, I’m Not Sure If They’ve Done It Or Not Yet) I For Get Her Name But She’s A Little Cutie.

haa the gade have ok cheer squad… i guess

ooppss…Have to print a retraction. Just saw a preview of their swimsuit callendar…Boy I wish I was 30 years younger…Sigh!


Jorie Is The One That I Was Thinking Of Earlier. Another Cople Of Good Looking Girls Are Desirae And Mindy Of The Calgary Cheerie Squad.

Went to the Lions preseason game against the Stamps and all I can say is , what an improvement from the past couple of years. Actually found myself paying attention to the cheerleaders that game and I’m not talking about their dance moves.

It’s about time the Felions got their act together.

The Gade girls have to be good as I’m sure Lonie Glieberman selected the team!!! Yeah Lonie!!

Yeah Lionbacker I have to agree. Last year, I think we were the worst! This year was a big, big improvement. I guess they have to look better especially when they get their pictures taken with the Grey Cup in November!

Maybe I can make one of them my future ex wife.

Lionbacker, Your Starting To Sound Like Andre Rison.

I don’t know about other teams, since it’s always the same ones on the profiles page. But (I’ve probably said this before) this year’s Ticat cheerleaders are, collectively, far and away the best-looking group we’ve ever had. In the past they’ve been nice-looking and talented, and I always thought that to get the really gorgeous ones you’d have to go to the ones who can’t dance. But with this year’s group, there isn’t an unattractive one among them, and as far as I know they can dance, but who the heck’s watching their feet? :mrgreen:

Thought I’d Keep This Topic Going Even Though Newfie Hasn’t Updated It.

Brianna_____6 Even Though She’s Not Really From The Aluoettes