How's does Bratina effect the Ticats?

Will it be a council infavour of the success of the team and new stadium? Or will it be another SNAFU and we loose the Commonwealth Games altogether?

Bratina has been all over the map with his stadium support (anti WH, then pro WH, then anti WH, pro CP rail yards, now pro Confed park)

At the raise the hammer website heres his response to this question asked:

[i]Should we spend the Future Fund to build a Pan Am / Ticat stadium on the CP Rail Yard lands? Why or why not?

No, A moot point. The CP site has unfunded extra costs of between $40 and $70 million, including things like business relocation. A stadium here does not meet the test of best and highest use in view of its potential relationship to Innovation Park. [/i]

i didn't think he'd have an immediate effect but Bratina already lost us the Commonwealth Games. :roll:

We lost the Commonwealth games 10 years ago

just trying to have a little fun on election night.

November 13, 2003 to be exact.

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Oski Wee Wee,


You caught that did ya!?! but seriously,how do people think this will effect the Pan-Am situation?

Just saw an interview with him that said he wants Confederation Park back on the table :smiley:

I think Bratina will likely step back and waste some more time reviewing alternative sites and will have difficulty pushing delays through council given that many incumbents are back and his poor reputation in council (Chad Collins, Sam Merulla, Terry Whitehead to name a few) from there he'll go back to CP but it will likely be too late.

What he should do is say "Alright, here is the story guys. If I don't see the funding for CP on the table by the end of January, that's it. We're pulling the stadium project, we'll renovate Ivor Wynne (if Bob Young still wants to play there) and clean up the West Harbour lands with the $45 million we were going to use. Send the clear message that yes, this is made up and if no one likes it, tough a lot can be forgotten in 4 years (especially with my older voter base).

I guess with Collins back in, Confed Park is a no go despite BB wanting to look at it.

I'm not optimistic that a stadium will get done but hopefully I'm wrong. Renovating IWS will be the wrong thing to do if BY doesn't want to play there and isn't going to sell the team.

Collins is only one vote. A Confed Park would likely be different today. McHattie could switch in a personal feud with Collins for one. 3 new councillors and a mayor that will have a different way of coaxing council to see it his way. Its the only site that makes sense and now that Longwood is being exposed more people can see that its folly to locate a stadium there but a controlled access highway location is whats needed. There is an immediate $30M savings on land and relocation costs.

I dont think Bratina's election will change the stadium dynamics. Maybe with Brenda Johnson (Environment Hamilton) on council, there will be 3 anti-stadium votes (with Merulla and McHattie), but the CP lands will still be in play. The Mayor is only one vote, and Bratina is carrying all his Council "baggage" to his new job.

That was likely the interview on Cable 14.

Yes, Linda Rourke pressed him on the stadium issue and that's what he said.

He did say he would review Confederation Park. Rather soon i would think.

He thanked the voters for giving him a clear majority
because it gives him leverage with the city councillors

who he says he has already talked to about working
co-operatively on issues that include the whole city.

There is plenty of time to get shovels in the ground April 2012

As Laura Babcock, an Opinionators panelist, said,

Bob jumped right in with where he is heading.

Fred was gracious in his interview towards his family,
his volunteers and Bob and didn't blow his own once.

Larry was gracious to Bob but he couldn't resist blowing his own horn.

He said he brought up several issues that were taken up by Bob and Fred
that wouldn't have been brought up if he hadn't used them in his campaign.

What B.S. they were obvious issues. Sheeesh!

Yes Ron, he can certainly leverage the 11 Councilors who are returning as incumbents who most got in with 60% of their respective ward votes or more, with their closet rivals getting around 24%. As opposed to Bratina's 37%. That tells me the councilors know their spots are secure and they are going to keep up the status quo on the issue. Also newly elected Brenda Johnson is anti-sprawl, anti-stadium unless the private sector/team steps up to the plate huge and very pro-environment.

As a side note, Sam Merulla 82.41% of the vote. Yikes, I don't think we are getting rid of him any time soon.

Now that they don't have to get elected many of the reasons they voted a certain way have disappeared. Its a whole new dynamic. Now there will be an interest in getting it done and not the worry that special interest groups will sway public opinion and get them booted out of office. This election result was RTH's worse nightmare and several councilors are breathing a lot easier as a result

Congratulations, Hamilton on dumping fast feddie!

Hopefully, we londonera get a new mayor tonite as well!

London has a new mayor!!!!!
alot of change right across ontario!

if im bratana, i have to be smart enough to recognize that im only mayor because tiger-cat fans put me there...don't piss off the fanbase.

A lot but not Esienburger. He got exactly what he deserved.
Frankly I think BB will get it done, and he will get it done for less money than we have been told by Freddy the free loader.
Personally I don’t care were they put it as long as it has quick hwy access. If they can save $40 million I say put it at confereration, or the speedway. Either way you have quick access which will attrack new fans from other parts of the city and surrounding areas!


Bratina was the only one of the 3 top candidates that suggested revisting the Ivor Wynner site. Got my vote.
Didn't like his quick decision and comment on redeveloping McMaster Innovation Park. But, I think Bratina has the most common sense of the 3, however it turns out.

As someone else mentioned, didn't vote for him but he is definitely growing on me already and could work out well for the city and the TigerCats etc.