Hows D Mac Doing ??

I wish you Calgary Fans the best this season..
I wanted to Find out how D Mac is doing in Camp.
Can someone give me some Info to pass on to Ticats Fans.

D Mac you can say has been rejuvinated. I was one guy that was skeptic in bringing him in to camp. But I have been to most of the practises and well the guy seems to love the receivers Calgary has in the line up. He has moved the team very well and it seems he has had a positive experience to bring to most of the young guys on the team. He is shocking many with his roll out of the pocket fire a stike down field. Yes I did say roll out of the pocket. I do not remember doing this in the tcat uniform. It just seems like the new team has him on fire. I really thought we were getting a guy that was ready for retirement. But he has been great. He has been helping Corley out as well and is in with the receivers as well. Many receivers are very happy to have him on board. Hank is happy to have him here as well. They had a mock game full out practise yesterday and he moved the team up the filed for a score. I like his quick release when he knows a blitz is coming and in most cases the reciever was catching the ball. Just maybe the receivers were the problem for the Cats don't know but D Mac is doing very well in the red and white uniform.