How's About we get rid of...


How's about we fire... nobody!

This team has been "re-building" for 5 years but in truth, it hasn't. It's been evolving, mutating, and changing for quite some time but there in lies the problem.

The last good season was 2004 when Coach Marshall was brought in. One season later, he's booted.

Then the revolving door of QBs, recievers, et al.

Take a solid core of players, accept that we will not be the team to be beat for a couple of seasons and BUILD on that.

This constant Fire the Coach, change the QB, bench this reciever, dump this lineman mentality is what's keeping this team down.

And that's all I got to say about that.

Oh, and Oskee-Wee-Wee

you're no fun

Fire nobody and watch the team improve, I like the sound of that!

Our receiver corps looks very good, Rodriguez has been a stand out along with Bauman. They need to go to Woodcock much much more too. The running game is coming along too. So what is needed? Better secondary, better o-line, better d-coaching...and a snapper with less muscles!

8) Congratulations !!! You are one of the most refreshing and intelligent members on this site !!!
I agree fully with your thoughts and ideas !!!

I'm with Tipper and 72er. The revolving door, knee-jerk reactions to each failure are not the answer. Incomplete pass? Get rid of the quarterback. Miss a third down conversion? Fire the coaches. Dropped ball? Dump the receivers.

I expected our young team to struggle this year. What I hoped for I've seen.... they play hard, they don't give up, they compete in almost all their games. This is what we need them to do so they can learn and improve. I believe they will.

Our receivers may have some talent, but to suggest "they look very good" is IMO quite a stretch. Opponents have been blitzing like crazy, and as a result everyone blames the O-line or the QB(sometimes with cause). But those "good looking" receivers need to learn how to recognize a blitz, break off routes, heaven forbid go over the middle prepared to take a hit. As a unit, probably the worst receiving unit in the CFL, at least based upon current performance. Zero TD receptions after 6 games! Woodcock has had his chances. Has looked great on occasion...other times just disappears.

Great post. I agree that there is alot of raw talent in our receiving core, but so far we have not once been able to burn a team deep when they blitzed, as we should be able to do. They have a lot to learn.

About Woodcock, I was at the game in Montreal and listened to the local broadcast. They were saying that if you get your hands on Woodcock at the line of scrimmage, it renders him ineffective.


BTW, I agree that we need to rebuild and get guys to learn the game. We are a very young team. I don't think throwing the coach under the bus will help anything either. That said, if the apparent 'philosophical differences' I think we've seen between Taaffe and Obie persist, then we might see a change during the bye week (which is after the Argos game I think). Can you picture Obie on the sidelines?


not 'can' we picture OB there...
we will get used to seeing OB there..

charlie is like the tuna..

sorry charlie you just arent starkist.

I guess I didn't state it clearly. Yes they are young and need work, but with experience they will be a very good group. That is what I meant to say; not that they are great right now.