Hows About Next Year The Toronto Media Stays Home?

It seems every year while CFL fans from across Canada are celebrating the Grey Cup, we get the usual supeiority complexed media primadonnas from Tranna who I'm sure would rather be anywhere but the Grey Cup trying to throw cold water on the party.

You know. The same old dinosaurs who sniff their nose at the rest of the country because we follow this "minor" league.
Who look to turn any molehill CFL issue into a mountain. To prove how the league isn't worthy of their support .

I mean Damien Cox of the Star hasn't written one complimentary article on the league this week. He even referred to the Fan Forum with Cohen as a Halloween party. And referred to CFL fans as a "cultish group". Get that eh?

I don't know. But hows about next time we throw a party, we tell the media of Toronto to stay home. We can have our fun.
And the Cox's and Simmons and Hodges and the rest can stick to worshipping all those who cares American leagues.
Because frankly they are nothing more then a bunch of party poopers. They're as boring as their sports teams.

I haven't personally combed through every morsel of reportage for negative comments, but from what I have seen and read, which is a quite a lot, I have seen nothing but positive comments and stories. It seems to me that if the Canadian media has ever been onside it's this year. Maybe the new ratings system has something to do with it.

I had a good couple of hours worth of Grey Cup stories to read last night simply by visiting Google's Canada news site. TSN's coverage has likewise been nothing short of superb.

The only guy who's covered the game as a major event is Dave Naylor.
The rest seem to treat it like a secondary event to a blue Jays game.

Bob McCown is the worst. On Friday he predicted a score of 99-3 and basically said he'd rather be doing anything than watching the Grey Cup. Now I realize that McCown's whole shtick is to be this world-weary cynic with an inexhaustible supply of insider information about simply everything and an equally endless supply of snide comments, pointed barbs and ironic asides, but boy does that guy ever wear me down. Too true about the Blue Jays comment: McCown and his cabal (Brunt et al) are absolutely enthralled with baseball, American football and the boring business talk that surrounds those sports. They're constantly ringing warning bells over anything to do with the CFL and McCown consistently insinuates that pro hockey players are an endangered species.

But the thing I can't understand about his show, Prime Time Sports, is how his fellow commentators like Brunt can just sit there while McCown hurls schoolboy insults at them. I don't know about anyone else on this forum, but I doubt I could sit there day after day grinning like a Cheshire cat like Brunt does while McCown calls me "bonehead" and "moron." It's really depressing to watch that act. Brunt: man-up for Pete's sake. Don't let McCown put you down like that all the time. As a grown man, I'm embarrassed for you.

I've dropped that show. I used to like Mclown, but the guy is a first class douche. His show is so lame too, except when he and Doug Maclean get at it.

Having said that, I think Dave Naylor is the best Toronto media type concerning the CFL. Bruce Dowbiggin is good too.
Definitely the Globe carries more weight for me now.

Honestly sometimes I think they do crack before the go on air. They can't honestly believe some of the dump that comes out of their mouth.

I swear the dumbest thing I've heard in the media has came from that show. I don't understand why they're so in love with baseball. Baseball is dead in Canada, and is dying in Toronto. Yet the rehash the name non sense constantly.

I'm not 100 per cent sure, but I think McCown is an American. Which explains his thing for baseball ... maybe

Actually you're right I think. He may have dual citizenship, but I believe he's born in Columbus, Ohio.

So you're right that could explain his infatuation with baseball.

Columbus!! OMG, now wonder he's bitter ...

yeah! the fan 590 is enthralled with baseball and this new GM. they constantly talk to him and any of his advisor's, and it's that same stuff that comes out of there mouths. it's like there on air employee's don't listen to there own station.

there more interested baseball and basketball and nfl

McCown knows he's going down with Sportsnet, I don't even watch it anymore, it's all Sportscentre with me. Bob is a good guy but has drunk the Rogers "Phil Lind" cool-aid too much and it's taken him down into the abyss I'm afraid. And I like Bob, he's a good guy, maybe just not as bright and smart as I once thought he was. Sportsnet is losing it, the Bills fiasco I think sealed their fate, I can't watch the network because when those commercials come on, I switch the channel so now, no more switching, just not on anymore with me.

Hey, maybe us CFL die-hards are a bit "alternative" like the music, I like some weird groups, just picked up some Say Hi Oohs and Aaahs, and I'm a huge CFL fan. There you go.

Love it boys, we are where it's at. I was in a big mall today in Hamilton wearing a jacket with all 8 CFL team logos on it and a young kid working at the store, probably around 18, said to me cool jacket, never seen that one. It's a sign boys. :thup:

Baseball is dying big time as a spectator sport in Canada, the sooner everyone realizes the Jays don't matter because there ain't no other team in Canada, the better off their mind set will be. Some guys are just slow learners though, oh well. :wink: Hey, all the best to the Jays and baseball but she's going down the tubes in Canada I'm afraid.

I dunno I've been quite pleased with the coverage so far. I've been watching TSN all day with the exception of the tech issues with the Vanier Cup start (a piss off, twice in two weeks) everything has been awesome.

Exactly Boris, it's TSN all the way.

TSN knows who butters their bread. Its the CFL.
But these other stiffs from the various Toronto print media.
They should just stay away.

I HATE the toronto media, too much leafs/hockey coverage, not everyone in canada likes hockey :roll:

TSN has given the Grey Cup the respect it deserves, I mean a week of constantly building coverage?!?!


As per Toronto media, it's never below them to strip up BS and belittle everything. But over all as a Torontonian I've found them to be pretty tame.

Toronto media is tough for sure on all there, in different ways for different teams and leagues. I've heard them blast the Jays, Leafs and Raptors over the years and soccer as well to be honest.