Howie Meeker, 4-time Stanley Cup winner with Leafs dies age 97

Always liked him

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I did too!
Changed the way we watched Hockey on TV
He was the first to use replay with the telestrator to break plays down,
Showed us what not to do and what should be done.
"Golly gee wilikers"
"Back that up, stop it right there!"
"Went around him like a hoop around a barrel"
" Keep your stick on the ice"
"The goalie is down on his knees fishin for nickles"
97 years old is a pretty good run.


"Ya gotta take the man! Take the man!"

RIP Howie


I learned a lot about Hockey watching his segments on Hockey Night In Canada growing up. My family could never afford to sent me and my brother to summer hockey schools, his teachings was the closest I got to a summer hockey school.

Thanks for the tips, Howie. May you rest in peace

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When I was young my dad had to have his tonsils out and we went to visit him. The guy in the bed beside him was Howie. My brother and I ended up talking to him more than my dad. What a nice man. Always liked him and he knew the game. Rest in Peace Howie.

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He beat out Gordie Howe for rookie of the year!

I serviced his furnace once no too many years ago, his wife told me of all the mail he gets from all over the world still, asking for autographed picture etc. He would answer everyone of them. She said it cost them a small fortune in postage and photos.


Probably that saying of take the man instead of the puck when checking and keep your stick on the ice made a big impression on me when I played .

Taking the man could make a poor to mid level player a good hockey player on defence . Those basic principles he bestowed with his high pitched voice were so very effective .


Now stop it right there.

Back it up.

We’re gonna do forechecking today folks. Swedes and Finns do it just super.

Was on the ice when Bill Barilko scored his cup winning good.

RIP Mr Meeker.


Still remember second city and Martin Short doing a Curling skit with Howie doing the colour commentary .