Howell retires

...thanks for some great play Mr. Howell, I enjoyed watching your contributions to the stamps

[url=] ... retirement[/url]

a great player on and off the field, that had a good career, hard working and very versatile.. best of luck on future endeavours mr howell

Another NI gone....Is anyone in Cowtown aware that the Stamps need to dress 20 Canadians?

Or does Huffer have a guy down in the bowels of McMahon perfecting counterfeit Canadian passports?

"Ken-yon Rambo...says here you were born in Moose Jaw, eh?"

...34 NI's on the TC roster, dressing 20 won't be a problem seeing that only 9 of those are rookies and guys like Maver and Forzani are pretty much going to make it plus who knows what gems await to be found in TC...

...questioning Hufnagel's ability to understand the rules or insinuating there's cheating afoot isn't going to get you a warm reception to our team forum :twisted: ... fact, upon further investigation, the riders have only 31 NI's at TC versus the stamps, heal thyself...

Right, but there's a difference between non-imports and GOOD non-imports.

...I have analyzed your argument and have come to the decision that I do not like you when you are correct

And now Newman.....27.....a starter. Methinks something's not right in Hufferville.'s a weird one for sure...and a hurting one IMO...I've been reading Alan Cameron's (Herald sports writer) blogs and there is nothing about any animosity though in the camp, as an 'insider' he is as surprised by this as anyone was...

....and here is the interesting thing, all these guys that retired, none of them asked for trades, they retired, means the stamps still hold their rights, that is a big difference don't you think?...

i understand that howell has left retirement and signed with the bombers... how interesting...

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Some clarity on his status: The 5-foot-10, 188-pound speedster officially filed his retirement to the league office, only to change his mind and officially unretire a short time after. The Stamps then officially released him before the 2010 season, allowing him to go wherever he wanted.

he was terrible last year. almost cost us the semi final against edmonton. did he ever suit up with the bombers this season? i havnt noticed him on the field.

Howell has dressed but he was on the PR as of last week.

i noticed he was on the practice roster the other day. i also notice lafors is still on the suspended list for not showing up for training camp. im guessing he was feeling somewhat embarassed from the situation last year. i hope he shows up again somewhere. maybe back in edmonton. #3 behind Zabransky. make mass a QB coach.