Howdy- I'm here on the new site

Had to increse text size because on normal setting the times roman (or similar) font is quite small and spindly when typing a message. Could we go with a little bolder sans serif font for older eyes? Also use a slightly bolder font on the main page as well? Already the complaints… oy!

Now- to explore…

Crash is in with my old user name :slight_smile:

It looks like its the same as the forum with the same usernames, so if people had those, it looks like thats what we are using in here.

Now to explore lol

I'm in here as well...Same name, I guess nobody else would want it anyway. Hope to be joined by some more familiar names....Off to explore...

Is the time shown here out of whack on everybody's screen? It's actually 7 hours later than the time shown.
Can it be fixed?

I agree, can we boost the text size in the forums please? It looks much better when I increase the size but then that makes the text on all other pages too big.

well now.... that looks better already.

I have to agree with you there Wilf.
Looking at the bottom, I think the last web-site’s clock was set to EST, but this seems to be different.

Iam in the game again coach. :roll:

Hey Mark,I was always a reader on but never a participant. I figured it's about time I get involved. I don't care about the fonts or the change. Just keep the game the same and I am happy. Can't wait to see Mac's new field and ticats new look. I am PUMPED!