Howard Fields Deserves Wall of Honour,

Browne and Sutherin are this year's honourees.

But now that the team is going to be honouring the second tier of Ti-Cat greats why is Howard Fields continuing to be overlooked?

An eight season veteran.
Grey Cup champion.
Two time all-Canadian.
Five time div. all star.
DB, good K/P return he did everything asked of him and stayed with a team during some hard times when football in S.Ontario was at its lowest ebb.
He contributed as much or more to the success of the Cats than Browne for longer and at a higher level.

C'mon, do the right thing and get #16 up there in '09.

He be great Addions Zontar..
I'd Also Like to see Tony Champion added.

I don’t think Less Browne is a second-tier Ticat, and Don Sutherin sure isn’t. Can you believe 2008 is 50 years since Sutherin first played for the Ticats?

Howard Fields probably belongs up there too.

I said second tier of TiCat greats and I'm not entirely convinced Browne qualifys as that.
Debateable at any rate.

Why? Because he made one outstanding catch? He only had 2 seasons beyond 1000 yards. Put Flutie, Patterson, or Evanshen up there before Champion.

He'll just sulk during his ceremony anyway. If he even shows. Apparently, he refuses calls from the organization and from his old teammates. This is a guy who after the '89 Grey Cup, said it was the last we'd be seeing of Tony Champion (said in the 3rd person, nuff said), even though he went on playing for 3 more years.

Not knocking his contributions as a player, just thinking there are more deserving and more importantly, appreciative additions to the Wall.

As for the original post, Browne and Sutherin are not 'second tier' Ticats.

While Fields was underrated, I do think these two should go up before Howard.

Sutherin, sure, but there's at least several that should go before Browne not including Fields...Krause, Grant, Neumann.

Agree to disagree on Browne.
Hall of Fame career for sure.
He is in the Hall.

10 year career, 5 of which were with the Cats.
The only argument is whether 5 years is enough to get on the Cats Wall of Fame.
He was voted #23 for best 50 CFL football players of the modern era by TSN.

I say his time is now to be honored.

Definitely a good player, some years he could be called great but is he a "Tiger-Cat Great" and put ahead of arguably more deserving players?

Not dismissing it outright but it certainly raises questions.


He's in the HOF and he's not great? We were lucky to have one of the finest CFL players of all time on our team.

as for the 'only played 5 years' thing, does that mean Darren Flutie can't go on our wall?

Should H of F be the deciding criteria? Some of their recent additons are curious too.

I'd sooner put some one up there who stayed here with more years of steady good play like Fields and others.

Patterson,Clements,Gabriel and Bennett were Ti-Cats and Hall o Famers too but they 'aint going up are they?

Champion was one of the best receivers we've ever had so he deserves a spot regardless of any off the field stuff, also Tim Coefield deserves a spot. The guy was just a beast of a defensive end, one of the best I have ever seen up hear next to Joseph Mumford.

Hey gang;
Lots of deserving players. Hal Patterson finally made the grade just last year, and check out his career. Many more to come....and don't worry Montford will get there......But food for thought , does Mike O'Shea deserve a look...I think so.

He dose But as a Fan I'd Be offended if he was added to wall. He was Ticat Two times and both Times left for the Double blue.

That why I would not want him added.
now if where to Retire a Ticat Maybe.
But we all know He'll Retire an Argo.

Not living in Hamilton, I haven't been to IW in a while... Is Mike Samples on the wall?

No, and neither is Andy Petek.

Is Ray Thomas on the wall yet? He went to MAC you know.

The Cats have 43 Hall of Famers. I'm totally in favour of getting those guys up on the Wall of Honour before anyone else. If they want to go with one older guy and one younger guy, I'm all for that. Like this year's additions of Less Browne and Sudsy fits that bill completely.

AFTER we get all those guys up there, then we should think about all the second tier guys. (p.s. Hall of Famers are never EVER second-tier. The Hall of Fame is the greatest achievement any player can receive.)

I'm definitely with Zontar on this debate. I would select a guy like Howard Fields over Less Browne for the Wall of Fame because he spent 8 years with the Ticats vs only 5 for Browne.

Browne, of course, went into the H of F based on his 10 year career in the CFL, but half of those years were NOT as a Ticat.

Our Wall of Fame needs to be based entirely on player and coaching, etc. performances as Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Millsie, I agree that O'Shea deserves a look...but let him get his own proctologist.

I think there are too many players going up on the Wall these days. I'd rather reserve it for players who played all or nearly all of their careers with the Cats, for 7-8 years at least, and won multiple All-Star awards. Being recognized as among the very best at their position in their era should matter too. Contributions in coaching and management should count too. I know this is always going to be partly subjective, and that's okay.

I would like it to be a rare honour, not something we ought to do every year. If we only do it once every five years, that would be fine with me.

Less Browne and Don Sutherin were fine players, but I'm not sure they earn a place on the Wall for their accomplishments in Hamilton. Lewis Porter would get my vote before either of them.

Also, I note that we only begin the Wall with the glory years of the 60s, with the exception of Sazio and Gaudaur (both well deserved). What about Mazza, or even Leadley? The franchise has a long history, we should celebrate all of it.