Is Jovon Johnson our outstanding special teams player?

I know our special teams haven't been great to say the least.

Our punting has been pretty awful. On kickoffs, Palardy isn't very good. But he has been quite good kicking field goals despite what some would have you believe. He'll finish near 80% on the year, again. Return game is a non-factor. Coverage has been pretty average. But in my opinion, the punt return game has been by far the worst of all aspects of special teams for us.

I'm a huge fan of JJ, but he was downright useless on punt returns for most of this year, especially the latter half.

JJ is second in the CFL in punt return yards (despite not returning punts in 3 or 4 games) and has a knack for getting a big return when we need it the most. That's why he is ST MOP.

I guess JJ is just the best of a bad ST lot...

Won't matter anyway. Chad Ownens owns that award this year.

he also has a knack for catching the ball and falling over, particularly in the second half of the year, where he was probably one return of more than 5 yards (I'm sure he has more, but it sure feels that way).

2nd in the CFL in punt returns yards despite not returning punts in 3 or 4 games is not the right way to look at it. Most teams split PR duties. Jovon still has the 2nd most punt returns in the league.

Of the very regular punt returners (40+ returns), the only one with a worse average is Tristan Jackson.

and yeah, I know Chad Owens has it locked up anyway. heck even if he didn't there's no way our special teams unit would be sending the East candidate. just boggles my mind that JJ is considered the Bombers' best special teams player.

Can't edit my post above, so I'll put this here. I missed Perry Floyd, so alright, there are two with worse averages. Should be noted that both of those two at least return kicks as well. Jovon only does one thing and doesn't do it well anymore.

your complaining how JJ got the award but aren't throwing any names from our team that deserve it so whats the point of this arguement?

the only other players i can think of which r complete washes anyways are green, muamba, kent or suber and thats just based on covering kicks (special teams tackles)

I said Palardy. I guess it wasn’t so clear with how I worded my initial post though. I know everyone loves to complain about him but he’s gonna be around 80% again and until we got Palardy last year every single person upset with Palardy’s kicking would’ve killed for an 80% kicker.

Green or Stewart would’ve been fine too. Muamba played well though only for around half a year. At least they were good at what they did.

I like Palardy but his numbers are not good enough for ST MOP. You complain that JJ being second in punt return yards isn't good enough but Palardy is sixth in FG percentage for kickers with more than 20 attempts. Compare Palardy's 77.6% success rate to those of other kickers who were nominated: McCallum is 93.8%, Medlock is 89.1% (not including tonight's game), Whyte is 88.2% and Milo is 83.3%.

its like Belichick once said stats are for losers

-How many times has JJ returned the ball yes been stopped right away but with that received at 15 yard penalty quite a bit this year.

  • Palardy has lost us games by missing gimmie's yes he has a good avg but misses short ones that change out come more often than not both games we lost by one point Palardy was the difference (CGY & T.O games)

hey if palardy would've made one of the 25 yard or less misses against cgy earlier in the year we would be playing back-ups this week already owning 1st place in east.

well like I said, don't care about second in yards. his average is terrible. at least Palardy's FG% was in a generally good range. every kicker in the league right now is pretty good, with the exception of Duval.

grenade.. some of the blame goes on the holder on a couple chip shots - and incidentally, it was JOVON JOHNSON who took the blame for some of them.. the one he missed that cost us a game in Calgary was a 44 yarder into a stiff wind and he missed it by like six inches

it is what it is. I don't think Jovon was very good this year and I don't think you should get an reward for being bad. rather give it to someone inconsistent than someone no good. however, Jovon played today like he deserved the award. he looked very good returning punts. good for him, was nice to see.

And others said JJ was falling on the sword and there was nothing wrong with the holds on the one Palardy missed (replay shows there was nothing wrong either - Palardy just missed).

The only trophy that matters is the one given out on NOV 27th! Especially for the Bombers!

If we're able to keep most of our defense through the free agency, we will have only some of the offense and the special team to worry about for next year. JJ had his moments on returns. Unfortunately many of his efforts were neutralized by dumb penalties. It's Owen's year.