How wrong I was about the stretch run

I was sure the only meaningful games would be the last 2 next week and that the only thing undecided would be 1st in the east and 3rd/crossover in the west.

So we will actually have something to watch next week. Winnipeg has done their best to choke and now is in a must win game against Calgary to secure 2nd without help, Calgary is on an 0-2 skid, Edmonton and Saskatchewan will play for 3rd, Edmonton will still have a shot at 2nd if Winnipeg loses and the Argos travel to BC needing a win to take the east.

My crystal is clearly broken.

Almost forgot;


It has been very difficult to predict all season. Good luck to all on final week and playoffs. For me BC collapse and Hamilton's come back stick out the most,

At start of season most would have thought they would meet in Cup Final

Sask Riders great season run so far.

The one thing I never bought into was BC as a Grey Cup contender. I fell off the couch laughing at the start of the season when I saw those predictions. Most over rated team at the start of the season.

Never saw an 0-8 start for Hamilton or the east still struggling to reach .500