How would you stop the Als offense???

That short passing game the Als employ has gotten them most of their victories.

B.C. is the only team that has been able to match up consistently with the Als in both games that they played them. I didn't see either of those games. What did they do to stifle the Als' offense?

I thought that using more defensive backs and jamming their receivers at the line of scrimmage would be step 1.
Getting pressure on AC has to be step 2 (easier said than done).

How would YOU try to stop the Als' passing attack if you were the opposing Defensive Coordinator???

This season and others, BC has the most success against Montreal. But BC does not play differently from other teams. Some teams just naturally play better against some opponents. There is no secret way to stop Montreal offense. To limit Montreal offense, BC offense and special teams need to play well too.

When the Eskimo's beat the Alouettes they were able to get pressure on AC and tip/block passes at the line. You need to get Consistent pressure quickly and a big body in AC's face or he will nickel and dime you to death.

To get to the Als' offense, you need to find a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who can get things done. Other than that, I'm not entirely convinced their offense can really be stopped. Pressure's tough - Calvillo's too quick with his release.

Play them in the Grey Cup :smiley:

Sorry, couldn't help it.

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als offense taint nothin a few fridges on the field couldnt stop.

Disguise a blitz package on Cavilo AND have the safety spy Cahoon IMHO

Its really a question of playing mistake free football. One mistake can cost a team a game against this offense. The best example of this was the als home game against the lions. The lions played the als tight all game and pulled ahead with not much time to go but then there was one broken coverage and Calvillo finds Watkins for a huge gain and scored the game winning touchdown on that drive. The lions otherwise played as well as they couldve except that one play. And while the bombers did not play well this week that one field goal returned for a touchdown is what broke their back and stopped any chance of a comeback.

Teams need to play mistake free football on all 3 aspects of their game. Keeping Calvillo watching the game is just as important as playing well defensively

a sniper in the trees.

Make sure Calvillo has a very long field to work with.
Keep your Defense disciplined.
Score about 40 points.

An excellent point. You really need to keep the Als pinned deep by keeping the ball away from Taylor. The Als' offense RARELY relies on the big plays but focuses on the quick timed ones of 6 - 7 yds. The longer the field, the better the odds that there will be a misfire before AC gets his team in the end zone.

I dont agree. They use the short game to move the box and wear down the opponents front and bait defensive backs. Calvillo stats prove that he's stretching the field as well as any other quarterback in the league.

My opinion.

Has to be a home game
Play mistake free football
Need the help of the officials
Hope Als make mistakes

It is crazy but true.

Bring the Grey Cup out before the game, that usually does the trick :lol: :lol:

Two out of three games this year the Ti-Cats kept it close with pressure from the front seven--- not getting sacks but just slowing Calvillo's uncanny relationships with his receivers so that plays were a bit slower in developing. Is it any coincidence (besides the fact the the black and gold wera all asleep that night) that the game in which Montreal stole the pants off the 'Cats the Ti-Cat front 4 was playing two subs? Quick hit, after quick hit- all night long.

Good one :?

But it changes this year 8)

Honestly, your only worry is injuries and a bad weather Grey Cup that makes it a 50/50 game. Especially if MTL loses the toss.

After seeing the Eskimos not make it to the show after a 16-3 season you never know...
No matte what happens they've been a beautiful team to watch on many levels this year.

take the 15yd Roughing call and take Calvillo out right away..

Better make sure its a good one then.