How would you schedule a 10 team league?

So, if you had 10 teams, five in the west and 5 in the east, how would you work the schedule?

WOuld you keep the number of games at 18?

Would you just play each team twice? Which would make it easy?

Or would you want to see a larger number of games between division teams?

If you played the opposing division teams once, that would leave 13 games for teams in your own league, so you could play 3 of them three times and the fourth 4 times.

What do you think?

Why not a 17-game schedule?

Play each team in the other division 1x
Play each team in your own division 3x
Add an extra pre-season game to allow teams to get up to speed a little better by the start of the season.

Just an idea…although even I like it less now that I see it written out.

I think it’s a good idea to play each team twice - home and road so all fan get to see all the players. I think the schedule should increase to 20 games so teams play their designated rival 4 times

never happen…look at all the injuries in an 18 game season, the CFLPA wouldn’t allow 20 games…it would be a 18 week schedule where a team would play each team in their division twice (one home one away) and each team in the other division once (home/away in alternate years) for a total of 16 games and two bye weeks…ticket prices would rise because there would be one less home game per year…hmmmm maybe adding a twelfth team ain’t so good after all…

Playing each team twice completely negates the purpose of having divisions. If each team played every other team twice, then the playoffs would have to be done with the top 6 (or 8?) teams overall - not the top 3 from each division.

I like Leeing’s second idea of playing three of your divisional rivals 3 times a year, the fourth divisional rival 4 times a year, and each team in the other division once a year.

And none of these damned bye weeks - OK, well maybe one per team at most.

Perhaps three exhibition games - each game against one of the teams you’re scheduled to play 3 times in the upcoming season? Also gives the opportunity to get your team more ready for the season, and every other year, it’d be an extra home game.

Get rid of the divisions if we go to 10 teams. I hate divisions in all sports. They are usually just artificially made up. They had their purpose 60 years ago when teams travelled by train and it made sense to play your neighbours more often. Eliminating the divisions means that you would eleiminate all the arguments about whether a team would be as good as they seem if they played in the other division… plus it would guarantee that the best made it to the playoffs.

I agree with ArgoFan1.

First thing I’d do is get rid of the total interlocking format and go back to limited interlocking like we had in the past. It used to be that the interlocking games were big events. With a fully interlocking schedule the east and west divisions are meaningless.
I’d have each team play divisional opponants 3 times giving 12 divisional games. That leaves 6 games to be played against the other division, 3 home, 3 away, and one of those teams would be played twice in a season, rotating over a five year period.
The unbalanced schedule would elliminate the playoff crossover and give a sense of identity to each conferance that has disappeared since the league adopted the fully interlocking schedule.
Thanks Leeing for posting this question!

I like either idea. I think there are entrenched rivalries that wil never go away now no matter what you do to the schedule, and by playing other teams more you may develop other rivalries. On the other hand I know that the “battle of Alberta” is a big game no matter what the situation. It is a huge rivalry and usually fills both ballparks, or gets at least over 40,000 here in Edmonton. Don’t see how one or two more of those a season could hurt.

Not necessarily. I don’t know if you remember the days of the 16-game schedule, where each team played each of the other 8 teams twice, once at home and once on the road. That worked fine.

If each team played each of the other teams twice, that would eliminate that argument as well. Each team plays the same teams the same number of times. Level playing field.

The playoff system we have now almost guarantees that the top six teams make the playoffs. It is possible for a team to miss the playoffs while a worse team gets in, but unlikely. And let’s face it, when six of 9 teams make the playoffs, any team who doesn’t get in really doesn’t have any valid complaint: you missed the playoffs because you sucked; better luck next year.

I think that the only way it can or should be done is 2 vs. each team. Yes, the divisions will basically be negated, so you can choose whether or not to keep them. But there’s no other fair way. Strength of Schedule components are completely eliminated when playing home-and-away throughout, making the competition much more even, and possibly tighter.

An option for playoffs is to go to a 4- or 5-team playoff format, but personally I prefer the one that is in place now. There’s no difference between 1st and 2nd place, yes, but that’s what you get.

How do you mean there’s no difference between 1st and 2nd? What about the bye into the final?

With 6 out of 9 teams making the play-offs (hopefully 6 out of 10 soon), I don’t have a lot of sympathy for any team that misses the play-offs even if they have a better record than someone that gets in.

The same 18 game schedule and going back to playing each team 2x. I beleive it is an improvement when you only see your traditional rival just once in the regular season. That way it has more meaning to the game. It can be a bit much when including the pre season and post, teams like Hamilton and Toronto and Edmonton and Calgary play each other five times.

I like the balanced schedule approach. Plus it makes the “cross over rule” seem more legit. Second reason for balance is I like to see the Eastern teams when they come to town. I would be choked missing out on seeing Montreal and Toronto.

Exclude the divisions from your thought process and you will understand what I mean.

If you were watching the NFL this year you would have seen the issue. Teams that were going into the last two games with a 6-8 record had a 1/3 chance to go to the playoffs if they were in the NFC. Teams in the AFC with 8-6 records had a 1/5 chance to go to the playoffs.

I would rather play every team twice I love a good BOA, but it’s more special if Edmonton comes to town once cause then it’s a huge game!