How would you rate Printers performance today

Printers passing did not look that crisp. Granted he was not given much time to pass. I thought we tried to pass too much in the 2nd half and as a result the offense was not very effective. Williams seems to be able to scramble and find the open receiver far better than printers, and furthermore he is very effective on hiding the ball or making the decision to hand off. I think Printers better improve or his days at #1 in Hamilton are going to be limited.

Mediocre.....But coming off an injury that' to be expected...

I agree entirely. Time for Printers to step up or step aside.

He was bad.
He threw for 130 or something.....20 in the second half.

That is not ifs, ands or buts...

9 for 20 going into the last drive, dont forget the Argos were focusing on the run which should make the passing game a little more effective, not impressed , although he did run well

this isnt blog really fair to printers.. when you are running for your life and taking the hits he was and ask yourself why,,,, then the real question should be... do we have a left tackle..
and who did we let go to keep him?

I think he's trying too hard. Looked like he was on the verge of tears at the end.

Not impressed with his passing at all

Played through an injury and did enough to win. This loss is on ST cover teams, Bellefeuille and Taffe.

Right. On paper, yes. However, if I sensed that Cat receivers were running loose all night and getting separation consistently from Toronto DBs, then I would be stating the same thing. Apart from a couple of Miles receptions and a Woodcock grab, precious little happened from the receiving corps. No ifs, ands, or buts.

My guess is that with Williams we would have seen a similiar recipe -- having a lot of success with his feet, less so with the air attack. Mitchell and Rodriguez were basically invisible tonight and Bauman had the one TD catch. If anyone at the game could contradict my impression that Cat receivers were being locked down pretty much all night, I'd like to hear that.

Another thing: not much fluidity with play action and the zone read option was not at play tonight. That was a surprise!

Oski Wee Wee,

This very true…The offensive line is simply put…CCCCCRRRRR@@@@@@PPPPP!!!

I’m very happy that Marwan Hage is a charitable person…He’s one of the worst centre’s in the league.Jont’a Woodard should be cut immediately!The jury is still out on Diakowski.The other end opposite Woodard is only marginally better than Woodard and George Hudson is an Ottawa cast off.Our running backs make our offensive line look good.Passing is impossible when this seive is as obviously inept as it is.
Having said all that…Casey was very inaccurate tonight when he had time.I think it was just rust.I don’t think Ritchie Williams would have done any better,though.

I couldn't see the receivers much on tv....the OL doesn't give us enough time to see them....

Casey with Montreal's OL would thrive.....
Our OL cannot protect....our receivers....who knows?

But....Williams beat Toronto last time out.....

Buono would make a move.....Sask...would make a move.....

We never do.


All this team needs is a new coaching staff, 2 receivers a couple DB/HB and a defensive end.

Not bad overall, he was pressured in the pocket all night and really did not have a lot of time to set up.
Next week may be a better test against BC.

And a centre,two guards and two tackles

Printers was 12/22 for 161 passing yards, 1 TD pass, and no interceptions. But he did get 68 rushing yards on 7 carries, and two rushing TDs. (Click here for game stats.)Having said that, it is worth noting that Printers seems to be improving at using his ability to run with it and find the gaps in the D. And that is something he he needed to do as he seems unable to find open receivers when pressured. But Printers did seem indecisive at times and may need more experience improvising when an offensive line does not give him much time.

I would say Printers was not bad. And as was said in the game thread, the coaching staff should take at least part of the blame for lack of offence, particularly in the 3rd quarter. The playcalling seemed much too predictable then.

I don't think so. They are a great OL to run the ball.Those are seldom great at the passing game. Just need an OC who is an expert at Play Action. One of Printers best assets is his ability to throw while rolling out and the only time he's been doing it is if the play breaks down. The Oline could also be better coached. if their position coach is like the rest...

With the five fat slobs pretending to be an O-Line, it would hard for any QB to be effective.

How long has Hage been incompetent centre unable to snap a shotgun snap properly?
How many times does Jont'a Woodard need to be beaten on the outside for people to realize he's not very good?
It's not coaching...It's sub par talent that gets covered up by at least 2 excellent running backs who do very well in spite of the bumbling clowns "blocking" for them....

If I had To Rate Casey I was 6 out 10 .
Pass where bad 2nd half
1st half he was good but the He Fell a Sleep at the Wheel.