How would you rank our free agency needs?

With the free agency period starting in a couple of days, I thought it would be interesting to state our opinions before the fact. What do you think we need most to make our team better?

(This is different than asking who do you want most, or who is most sought-after player.)

Here’s my stab at it:

  1. Offensive line. Need a bona fide starter to replace Rottier, and possibly more depth as well.

  2. Defensive end. Need to replace Hickman.

  3. Defensive back. Still our weakness until proven otherwise, especially if we make no changes.

  4. Canadian receiver. Getting a little thin, especially of Carter bolts.

  5. Kicker/punter - assuming Medlock refuses to re-sign. I only ranked it this low because I’m not sure anyone interesting is available.

Can't argue with your list...looks good to me...If Medlock doesn't sign, I would post his position higher up the list. I would even take it as is for priority....

I just want Canadians. Our Non-Import depth is average at best and needs to improve. So in terms of Free Agency, i'm looking at offensive line (Labatte, Robertson) and receiver (Fantuz).

I trust Obie and Womack to find a gem or two from the States that can play this year, so i don't feel the need to sign an american defensive end/tackle or defensive back for a substantial amount of money through free agency.


Our scouting dpt. is usually great at finding DL.DB's, not so much.Turenne excluded.


Only a few hours before the FA deadline, and I'm a little concerned that we are the only team who has not signed any of our own FAs, and there are quite a few of them.

I think our first priority is to replace the key pieces we are going to lose, and unless there are some announcements coming this morning, that's a pretty big list. Here is my priority:

  1. Kicker / Punter - If we lose ours, there is little available, only one NI punter (Dales). This is a critical part of the game.

  2. Oline - We lost Rottier and Jimenez has not signed - We need sign a NI lineman (possibly Labatte or Picard), and may need to find a tackle if not just for depth purposes. I suspect we will try to draft some NI lineman in the draft (you can never have enough). Hopefully we can find some local ones that want to work close to home.

  3. Dline - Hickman gone, KirK FA - If we lose these guys there will be a big hole in the defense. We need to sign at least one NI player in this position, or keep Kirk as little is available. We can probably find an Import, but not one at Hickman's level, or could sign Hunt.

  4. DB - We need a veteran DB to help out these young kids. This has not been addressed for too long, and I believe this has become a more vital position in the CFL. Byron Parker would be a nice addition.

The more I look at this list the more I realize there is a lot of work to do to keep things at the same level. I hope we are able to bring in a strong group of Import recruits to fill in the holes, as I think there could be many after Free Agency is complete.


Ike Brown said on his twitter yesterday that he re-signed.
Yes, not exactly earth-shattering. But that makes 1.

Tiger-Cats' needs according to the G&M:

Needs: Bob O’Billovich is awaiting word on whether Medlock will go to the NFL or remain a Ticat. That decision may affect Hamilton’s import/non-import ratio, as would Sam Giguère’s, a 2008 draft pick who has been toiling on NFL practice rosters. The Tabbies may consider OL replacements and may take a stab at Fantuz, a solid pass-catcher for new QB Henry Burris.
For a run down on all the other teams, check out: [url=] ... le2338514/[/url]

Now that they landed Fantuz, it appears that more signings are starting to fall into place.

They picked up O’Neil to help on the Oline, and Peach to fill the hole left by Hickman. It sounds like Eiben will also be signing which could help with the departure of some experienced NI linebacker / special teams players (Auggie and Mariuz).

Still some work to do.

It sure would be good to secure Medlock. After that, any signings could be gravy. I think it would be good to add an experienced DB (possibly Estelle) and a DL (Hunt), but we can’t just sign everyone.