------> How would you 'game plan' for B.C. ?

....remember, we only have 2 days of practice.....and then a long travel day.

So what would you be planning against the Lions for Thursday if you were a Ticats Coach ?...

(spiking their Gatorade with laxatives isn't an option..although an interesting idea nonetheless) :wink:


  1. start chang

  2. run the ball more with lumsden

  3. get the ball to corey holmes

  4. try a fake punt ( nick setta was a third string QB in notre dame )

  5. do a trick play once in a while

  6. get the defence to force some turnovers

  7. send a blitz now and then

thats my game plan :cowboy:

blitz as much as possible and keep injurying there qb's til they run out of them lol

i think buck pierce is supposed to get the start so injure him and hopefully this jackson guy playes poorly

ROTFLMAO at the subtlety... :wink:

I would ratchet up the pressure as much as possible so that whoever their QB is will have to react and not have time to pick our secondary apart.

Offensively, I like what others have suggested. Holmes and Lumsden have to be on the field together as much as possible.

The run game has to be established ASAP against the Lions or we are toast.

Misdirection plays and play action off the run game have to be part of the mix. Crossing routes as much as possible to ensure Barron Miles isn't simply playing center field all night, but having to work for his pick opportunities.

Mikey's "pump fake" wish is something I would love to see. Given the fact we seem to run 30 out patterns a game, turning at least one of them into an out-and-up will be necessary to stretch the defence. I feel Chang would have the best results given his stronger arm, but such a method would help Maas out as well.

Setta should be able to boom away under the dome. I expect we can win some field position battles against McCallum if our coverage teams play disciplined.

Keeping one's head in the game, avoiding dumb penalties, and being aggressive. It may not guarantee success, but it will go a long way towards respectability.

Oski Wee Wee,

The trick plays seem to backfire on us.

Recall the quick lateral that Chang tried in the Winnipeg pre-season game that almost ended in disaster.

I would name the starting QB early in the week so that there wouldn't be any head games, and if there is any animosity, it would be gone by the end of the week when the game is on.

I like what I saw from Gardner, AND BROCK RALPH, as well as Lumsden. I would tweak the offencive game plan a bit, but not make any major changes.

Team discipline would be the theme this week. Eliminate the penalties and the team improves by 50% with that alone.

'Cat fans ... show up at the Lion's tailgate for some CFL camaraderie and .... "game plannin"


 Good plan sir. However our O-line my need a portable brick wall to help keep out the B.C. defence.

I just became aware that Damien Cook was benched
for taking a roughing call in the first quarter*

and Peter Dyakowski did a great in the last 3 quarters.

With Pascal Cheron possibly ready for next week
it could be, the end is near for the big import Guard

*The Spec

I'd like to see a few more screen passes if possible. And start Maas.

Have the entire team set their clocks and watches to Pacific time starting today. Actually yesterday would be better.
Then by Thursday it won't feel like a 10:30 start.

Game will be a Blowout Win for BC.
we should Game plan just to stay Healthy.

Dress a few slugs (...ahh, just keep the lineup the same actually) and spend the first 8 minutes of the game taking deliberate, and well earned, roughing the passer penalties.

Either that, or pick fights with them to get them tossed.

B.C's gonna be shorthanded anyway...getting their 4th and 5th stringers in there is the only way we have a chance.

I wonder if there is an effective "Broadstreet Bully" style of football?

Coach, he asked us "How would you game plan for BC?"

You can't just get on your mighty steed, ONknight
and head out to the Okanagan Valley for an apple.

That's playing scared and that's no way to win and certainly no way to stay in the game.

Look at soccer. The team that lays back and hopes not to get scored on (ie. Canada U20) ends up getting killed.

We've got to go in confident as if the Lions are nothing but a speedbump. Play hard, disciplined and stick to the game plan.

On D we need pressure up the middle and to keep Pierce contained on the edge. A good push from the front 4 combined with tight coverage in the secondary will help generate sacks or at least hurry the QB.

On O, we need to come out firing and set the pace with the running game. Play action to Lumsden and Holmes to open up the field.

Might as well pray, maybe the football gods are listening.

On defense we have to be physical much of BC's offence is based on timing. Get the WR's off their pattern. Hopefully this will disrupt their timing and we can get a few stops we also need to create a few turnovers. It would also help to have Cody and McKay in the game as well.

On offence control the clock move the chains and keep BC guessing on defense. I think back to the second and 10 call where we handed off to Jesse and he rumbled for 12 yards. Montreal obviously was playing the pass and we caught them in the wrong defense.