How would you aquire another starting receiver for 2008?

I think we have three pretty good starting receivers in Ralph, Armstead and Bauman, but it is clear that our offence would click more with another starter.

Personally, I would package the #1 overall pick next year, plus Radelein, and ship them to Calgary (Barker loves the draft) for one of their starting receivers...preferably Rambo or Lewis. Calgary is deep at receiver, so I think they would go for this trade.

Who (or what draft pick) would you trade to get another starting receiver to compliment the crew we already have? And which receiver would you want to trade FOR? (remembering that the trade has to be realistic...BC is not about to trade Simon, and Toronto is not about to trade Bruce).

what on earth are you smoking...same stuff as desjardins? you dont trade a 1st rounder and someone who is a quality football player for a WR...they are a dime a dozen to find and given the proper opportunities and time, most WR's can be made into 1000 yard/yr recievers...we need O-line and DB help...BADLY...if you want to trade a 1st rounder and Radlein we have to get a quality DB, maybe a future o-line starter and a late draft even trade for both teams so finally we wouldnt be getting fleeced

It doesn't matter what we'd do, what Marcel is going to do is sign 15 rookie receivers like last year then trade Moreno and Lumsden to B.C for Jarious Jackson, then cut him after it's obvious he was nothing more than a lousy q.b playing in a stellar system with 2 allstar slotbacks which made him appear 150 times better than he is.

Ralph is way down in the depth chart of any good team. Unfortunately, after a pretty good start, Bauman looks like he may be another Ralph in the making although with more balls. The jury's still out on him in my book. Armstead is a keeper.

As for a new guy, I'd go for Simon of BC. He's a proven #1 receiver. Offer him lots of money and the chance to play with Printers again.

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You sound dangerlously close to Dejardins.
"Recievers are a dime a dozen."
"You won't be asking who these guys are half way through the season" were a couple of Dejardins quotes.

Great Import receivers are not easy to find.
If they are so easy, who is the last one that the Cats have brought in that was any good......Earl Winfield???

re-drexl- Its a team sport, about aquireing another reciever, Use the first Pick in the draft !! Whats needed is a couple veteran DB,s(free agents)

Our recievers may be just fine if they had a whole season being healthy and time with Printers .

Printers can make recievers look good when he breaks containment and throws deep . Clairmont and Simon ect. learned to do this and had stellar seasons with big stats .

I think Ralph can be pretty good if he stops being a pussy and catches balls in traffic and tries for extra yards after he catches the ball !!!

Gardner is another who showed some promise but is he injury prone ??? Armstead is a keeper and he showed good ball control and deep moves last game . 

Bauman looks good and they should throw more outs to him . How can a small DB stop an out with a 6.5 reciever ???

Well Said :lol:

i think we definately need to get a good starting reciever

although i hate to say it, trade radlein and a draft pick (sorry Julian i like you but we aint really using you) for a really good receiver, or sign one in the off-season

Trade Printers. Should be worth a decent receiver.

And the streak continues.

Buy one.

I just couldnt help myself :twisted: :lol:

Happens to the best of us.

I honetly think with the recivers on the roster now (ie. Ralph, Armstead, Bauman, Walker, Curry, Gardner, and Woods) and a little more time getting in Sync with 1 (I repeat 1) QB we could be in okay shape.

I think what most are missing is the fact that these WR's have had to try to gel with 4 different starting QB's. For a player trying to learn the CFL as well as a QB's tendancies (and vice versa) it's a tough job for anyone to excel.

Now, I'm not certain, but I'm to understand that Simon is a free agent at season's end, so I don't think it would be a trade if we were to acquire him. I fully support finding a way to get Simon on board, as he's played with Printers and is a definate gamebreaker.

Nonetheless, the question was a trade so, on that note:

First off, you can't get anything without giving up something and I don't think Radlein and the #1 pick would cut it for a #1 WR/SB.

Second, which team do we target to make the offer? I think both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are stacked with WRs and SBs, so that's probably our best option, with the Esk as our third choice. I might be a bit gunshy about dealing with Sask, as our record in trades isn't so great.

I think we could acquire Derek(sp?) Armstrong in Winnipeg without giving up too much. Perhaps TJ Acree is available in Edmonton.

Anyways, after picking who to try a deal with, what are we willing to part with that they might want. I think Radlein's gone at year's end anyways, so maybe packaging Radlein, the #1 pick and a defensive player/prospect (Bekasiak) to Edmonton, whose defence is fairly thin could get us something.

Either way, if a deal goes down then you can count that hal;f the posters will be decrying Desjardins as an Alouette spy or an unqualified child or whatever other colourful names they can come up with. While the opposing half trumpets the trade as the second coming of Terry Evanshen.

Weren't you watching the Montreal game? Throw him to the turf then trap the ball against the ground for the neat, tidy and legal interception.

Does anyone think a team would be interested in Chang as part of a trade package to aquire a new starting receiver?

I think the writing is on the wall for Chang in Hamilton because he is a straight thrower, whereas Printers and Williams both play a throwing/running style, and the entire offence will probably be built around that style next year.

Maybe Calgary or Winnipeg would be interested in Chang as a backup?

For a team to give up a #1 starting receiver, they would be looking for a starting QB and not a 3rd string guy.
The Cats need a #1 receiver and would have to pay a lot more than Chang to get one.

WR Woods on the practice roster is a young former 1st round draft pick has the potential to be that #1 guy

Considering Marcel is our gm they'd want to give up nothing to get Chang. Throwing Chang into the fire against the most complex and experienced secondary in the CFL has backfired big time.

It doesn't stop at a new receiver.
Sign Geroy Simon after this season..whatever it takes to get him.
We also need an offensive co-ordinator to make the best use of the talent we have...and a new defensive co-ordinator for the same reason.