How would you accomplish it?

Seeing how a lot of posters feel that they could have done what Tillman could not, ie keep Kerry Joseph and give him the $100,000 pay raise and long term contract he asked for and stay within the salary cap, inform us please of your strategy for success.

Which players would you have asked (and expect to comply) to take a pay cut? If each player would have complied it would have been an average of $2,400 per player. If some refuse to comply, then a larger pay cut will be asked of other players. Also include in your strategy how you would also have given Fred Perry, Jermese Jones and Reggie Hunt the raises they asked for. Also include how you would have kept Matt Dominguez, Chris Szarka and Eddie Davis and the pay raises they most likely received. (I would imagine then the pay cut required from the other 35 players would have been more)

Who would they have in mind to replace Jeremy O'Day and Gene Makowsky on the o'line in 2009 or 2010 when both would likely retire? Chris Best is the most likely candidate for one, but he cannot play both positions. Would you feel comfortable replacing either one with a 3rd or 4th round draft choice, or replacing them with an import and then starting a Canadian at running back, one of the defensive secondary positions, defensive end or outside linebacker?

Also keep in mind that Andy Fantuz is nearing the end of his contract (the marquee Canadian in the league right now, with Jesse Lumsden a close second) and will expect a significant pay raise in 2009.

I'm pretty sure he signed Fantuz to a 3 year extension.

Anyways, the whole argument is moot since we can only speculate on the salaries the players make and how much actual cap room the Riders have left.

It wouldn't surprise me if Tillman has more cap room than he says he does, but really is there any way to verify that?

Fantuz signed an extension... did he? I thought the last year Shivers was GM it was a one year deal plus an option. But I may be wrong. In any event does that stop a player from wanting a pay raise after the fact. That does happen as we all know.

Don't cop out Dusty... tell me how you do it please.

I’m trying to find where I read they re-signed Fantuz.

As far as how I do it, a couple of backflips in the morning, a 2km run, followed by a beer usuaully does the trick.


Anyways, Fantuz and his contract is just one of the factors one needs to consider. He will not be any cheaper if we want to retain him.

But I think you are proving my point. None of us have a clue how to do it.

I might have dreamed the whole thing up too, wouldn't be the first time.

November 30, 2006, Fantuz signed a 2+option...that's the most recent I could find...

[url=] ... &sid1=8287[/url]

My bad, it was probably all a dream then, mixed in with all those recent nightmares :wink:

Thanks jm02... in any event 2008/2009 Tillman is going to go through this again with Fantuz.

Dust, you are not alone, it was in Tillman's interview yesterday that he said last year he signed Fantuz to a 3 year deal, well that is when i heard it anyway.

Okay...That is one player settled...

But lets get back to my original question and figuring out a way to keep the other 40 players and Kerry Joseph happy.

Or are all just ranting fans who have no idea how to do it?

Let's all play "lets pretend" and imagine, Eric Tillman is not the GM and YOU ARE...

How would do it?

I would being by heading out to the bar to relieve "stress". After 12-14 beers and various "beverages" I would take a cab to the office to get started.

I then would arrive at the office and proceed to my mini fridge where I would crack open a few more beers and then head over to my comfy lazy boy, cause if I was GM I'd definately have a mini fridge and a lazy boy in the office, along with a nice leather couch.

Anyways, once I'm comfortable and relaxed, but before I pass out, I would table up a contract for Matt D laden with bonuses, a slight pay cut but the option to match his '07 salary if the bonuses were reached. Next up would be Eddie Davis, I would offer something similar to his '07 salary.

At this point I pass out on my desk... and the rest is for another time.

Okay, so you will do nothing before getting a buzz on. Fair enough. Although giving us some insight into your defects of character, it does little to answer what I think is a fair question posed to people that are upset with Tillman's decision to trade KJ.

Perhaps Mr. Tillman is correct when he states that if you do everything as a GM that the fans want, it will not be too long before you are sitting in the stands with them?

One positive though is that you have sense enough to take a cab after your binge.

I bet we can get Damon Allen cheap. Anyone like that move?

Let's begin this experiment by stating very clearly that putting any blame on Roy Shivers no longer works, as with this years crop of option players there are NO players left on the team with contracts that have Roy's signiture on them.
So any "financial train wreck" scare tactics you hear from ET are now all of his own doing.
That applies obviously to a guy like Fantuz, who, while obviously someone found proof that he had signed a new contract, anyone with a lick of sense would have been able to do this math---Roy Signed him him to a 1+1 contract.
If he had not signed a new deal, he would be a free agent right now, wouldn't he?

But moving on to the crux of the matter.
I already asked and answered this on the open forum, but I'll repeat it here.
Cut Crandell, Tate and Jones.
Easily 150,000 saved. Done.
Next question?

Okay, some/many of you won't like that solution, and Artie thinks those two kids were on the 9 game, so then their salaries were cap exempted last year anyway.
In which case, a new plan is needed.
So let's back up a little.
How come to come up with a plan to keep KJ, we need to also be keeping Perry, Jones and Hunt?
All players which in fact we did not keep?
For the record, ET did give Perry a new contract, then traded him, he insulted Hunt with the offer of a significant pay cut, not a raise, and to my knowledge, no offer what so ever was made to Jermese Jones. He is on record saying the Riders never talked to him.
And I doubt Szarka got a raise, and I believe Matt took a pay-cut.
Theoretically, by trading Perry and letting Hunt and Jones walk, we already have opened up cap room.
Now ET tells us we needed more.
So back to Crandell.
By releasing him, we most certainly would have freed up some significant room.
Next, you ask how do we pay Eddie Davis AND KJ?
Well, first, I love Eddie Davis.
Great player.
But here is the thing.

If KJ is too old, then what does that make Eddie? They are in fact the same age.
And in football terms, more QBs play into their late 30s than do defensive backs. So if you would expect a drop off in performance due to age, look for it in Davis before you do in KJ.
To put a fine point on it, KJ could concievably play 5 more years. Eddie Davis, two, tops.
Yet we found the cash to give Eddie the raise he deserved, but not KJ.
Part two of this is, a question.
Which position is more important on a team, QB, or DB?
And further, which position is easier to replace?
So as a GM, making those tough calls, that supposedly ET is making, do you pay an aging Crandell and an aging Davis, or do you free up nearly the entire 100,000 needed to sign KJ by releasing not 4 more players as ET suggested, but just those two.
And as Crandell is also an aging QB, you certainly impact the team far less by his release than by trading KJ.
So again, question asked, and answered.

I am not finding this all that tough so far.

ET is on record saying 30 players still under contract will in fact all recieve raises this year, but that is covered by the 150,000 increase in the cap, so that is not an issue.
Everyone gets a raise.

At the end of the day, when ET tells us this deal was about the cap, I say balderdash!!
In his list of reasons why we traded KJ, I am sure that cap space was considered, but on his top ten list, it was likely number 9.
I think ET was perfectly willing to move KJ, and all he needed was an excuse.
If there was any truth to ET's contention that he wanted to sign KJ, if only he could find the cash, then it would have been done.
The simple reality is, that was never ET's intention.
Nothing else makes sense.

Of course, being that I am a Rider fan, perhaps as ET said, I am just too myopic to grasp the subtle genius of his plan....
So much for the "S" standing for "S"askatchewan.....

You knoww who doesn't like that move? Damon Allen.

We need a new waterboy.....

It was a creative way of saying I'd be a terrible GM. I was actually going to delve into some details after my little introduction but I didn't know where to start so I ended it before I looked even more foolish.

The more I look at it, the more I like the moves. Don't get me wrong, I liked the players we let go (esp. Perry and Hunt) but changes are made every year.

The differences in the defensive backfield when Davis was there and when he wasn't were night and day. He is way more important to our success than Joseph was.

Joseph did great for us but I wouldn't have broken the bank to keep him. Fine, give him an extra $125,000 this year. But no extension. And make a lot of it incentive based since he is susceptible to injury. My one concern with him is how much of his success was due to Austin's mentoring?

I am hoping a lot of Dominguez salary is also incentive laden.

Realistically, I like our current make-up. I'm concerned about Crandel but I'm hoping one of the younger guys can get some development time and perhaps we will finally luck out by getting a QB we develop ourselves.

As of right now, I wouldn't have done anything differently. BUT I know that puts me very much in the minority.

I hope you dont expect me to read that. lol