How Would CFL Fans Rate the Web Sites?

Here's an interesting question with so much attention to media in this day and age and apps and activity, how would CFL Fans rate the top teams web sites from across the CFL teams considering visual impact, navigation, ease of use, information, news and so on?

I took my own tour of teams in the CFL and checked out each web site and came up with my own list from top to bottom based on my own critique of some of the parameters listed above and what I like as a fan of the CFL in each of teams web sites, what do you think and who would you rate?

  1. BC Lions
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  3. Toronto Argonauts
  4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  5. Ottawa Redblacks
  6. Calgary Stampeders
  7. Montreal Alouettes
  8. Edmonton Eskimos
  9. Hamilton Tigercats

I just went through the home page of each team (didn't go beyond that).

I can't say I noticed any appreciable difference between them.
The first seven on your list seemed to follow the same template.

I do agree that Edmonton and Hamilton stood out as weaker than the rest. They both seemed to be lacking as much content as the others.

Only two .ca’s?

What’s up with that?