How will you spend the off season....??

Besides checking in here, I will be watching Arena Football (Go Dragons) As well as the N.L.L. (Go Edmonton Rush!) Which will take me to June. And you know what that means!!!!! Another CFL season wil be upon us!

I'll take a break from sports for the remainder of that "other so called football league season" to get some things done around the house, and then I will be making my wife a sports widow again when Canada's Game resumes.

How ignorant of me...Of course I will be watching the Olympics this year as well.

Duh!!!! This year??? I meant next year! See what happens? Come home from Montreal...withdrawl effects from no Molson Dry...and this is what happens :wink:

I assume you mean what am i gonna use to replace my CFL fix. I will increase my NFL watching (although i didn;t watch a single game today becuase of school, arrrgg), and also NHL watching. watch the odd curling. and continue to go on here to speculate for next season, especially right before and after free trade season starts. Also should be heading to the mountains a couple times to go skiing. man I love skiing, Thats the only thing I dislike about my home province, no where good to ski.

I'm in a hockey pool and have the centre ice package so I'll watch a lot of hockey. I will also watch my fair share of NFL.

Then in February the olympics roll around, GO CANADA!!!!, so I'll be watching that.

At the end of this month I'll be in fernie snowboarding, can't wait to get into those trees.

Then in May I'll be in Cuba for my sister's wedding (and I'll get me some cigars).

And I will be also planning my own wedding (or saying yes or no as my fiance plans the wedding) and after that I'm going to be honeymooning at disneyworld (I love rides).

Other than that work keeps me extremely busy (Billy I wish I was still in university so cherish every moment there, I will go back for my masters in business so I can cherish it again (hopefully on some company's bill)).

See you lost marks now, You are wasting Fernie’s beuatiful powder on one plank. Fernie is a Skier’s hill, snowboarders stay off. hahaha. Just kidding of course, but still. I will be there as well at the end of the month. I spent a year there 2 years back so I got some couches that I can crash on. Hopelfuuly they will have some nice powder to rip around that time.

I'll be talking on here, but less now than that I was in the past. I'll watch the occasional NFL game (ugh!). and I'll be watching some NHL and going to a few minor league games in Macon, watching the NBA, maybe the AFL, and watching CFL games that I have taped cuz I'm an extreme CFL fan.



Well for me winter is the worst season. No CFL football; I don't ski, skate, or toboggan; I don't particularly follow hockey; my main hobbies are fishing and hunting and I can't do either in winter (hate ice fishing). All I do in winter is sit inside waiting for spring.

My mother had the most enlightened idea about winter. She dislikes cold and heat, prefers spring and fall. So her idea was that the October colour in the trees should last until 24 December; the leaves all fall that morning, you spend the afternoon raking them up, then a big snowstorm hits that evening so that you have a white Christmas, and then spring starts on boxing day.

Sounds rather civilized to me.......

You skiers can take Banff and we can take fernie with all of it's glorious powder. I've got a condo rented (somewhere in fernie) and I can't wait to get out there. Living in the flats I don't get to snowboard as often as I would like.

Hopefully they have all the runs open, I'll have to go to and see how the hill is doing.

Banff, wasn't that where the skiing for the Calgary olympic were held?

I know they tried for the 1972 Winter Games, but lost out to Sapporo.

....... :twisted: boarding right on roughy :twisted: .......I was a life long skiier until my son urged me over to the Dark Side about five years ago.........nothing like surfing the powder..........unless it's supremely icy, then I'll switch back to four on man cruise on.......we're heading down to Fernie in February, a bunch of us from work, my boss has a house in the little hamlet just east of Fernie (Hedley or something like that).........hey, if you want to see some insane powder, check out Castle Mountain by Pincher Creek...........sometimes if the conditions are just so and the planets align properly they can get like two to three feet overnight.......

....KK, the olympic skiing events were held on a mountain called Nakiska which is in the Kananaskis Valley (K-Country to the locals) which is between Banff and Calgary, about 45 minutes from the City limits......

Fair enough, but did Banff see any Olympic action?

......nope.......closest the olympics got to Banff was the nordic events held in Canmore, about 15 minutes east of Banff.....

aw, close enough!

heck, you can say that when the flame whet out in Montreal, they bought the Olympic flame of the Banff games to light it up again. :smiley:

Maybe they will get some event when Edmonton host the winter games someday.

I can't really see Winnipeg getting the Olympics, but hosting two Pan American games makes up for it.

The winter olympics need to be held at a place where mountains are close so I don't see Winnipeg getting it ever and Edmonton is closer to the mountains but not close enough.

haha. snowboarders taking Fernie hahaha. I love coming off of the top of bear going over to Snake ridge passing all the one plank wankers who have to unstrap to get there. oooohhhh can't wait to go alder bashing.

Red&white I really want to go to Castle some time. (I am pissed off at myself for not going when I lived in Fernie as it was so close). I really want to try out those chutes. Aren't they the longest verticle in north america. all one nice pitch STEEP. Oh that glorius white gold. I am frothing at the mouth typing right now. Can't wait till my finals are done And I can go skiing. is freaking insane there sometimes soupman......couple years ago my boss, two buddies and I left cowtown at 5:30am in light snow, arrived at the entrance to Castle at 8-ish and couldn't get in as the snow was as high as the headlights......we had to wait for a snowcat to plow out the the back bowls we were in chest high virgin powder as light as an angel's fart......we were dead beat by 11 that morning but pushed on and didnt ski anything previously tracked for the entire day.......your recollection is true too, I can't remember the exact numbers but the mountain's profile is like a hockey stick.....steep, steep, steeper, steep, flat.......

I’ll watch the olympics, and hockey. I also play hockey too. (Halifax Hawks Bantam)

Well you already got me planning my evening. I am gonna go out to the garage and tune my skis. and then come in grab a few beer and throw on some ski movies and drool the night away. should try the one plank method this year.....I originally thought the whole affair was evil too, not quite as evil as the eskimos, and laughed at the kids who looked like they were caught in a beartrap, with their baggy pants......but truth be told, the boots are pretty damn comfy, and those baggy pants feel really good too.......I love the flow of it, the front edge heel edge transisition and how any movement you make above the wasit translates right away to what's happening below the waist......

......sometimes it's fun to start again......I was a patroller in BC in the late seventies/early eighties and there wasn't a lot I didn't accomplish on two boards.....(the Sudan Coulier at Balckcomb? yeah, we skiied it before it had a name)........but when I tried boarding it was like being a kid all over again, first year or so I was hopeless, but now I can do this and pipes or massive air for me but I have adopted this zen approach to graceful and flowing boarding, something an old guy can accomplish.....I'll work on the ZZ Top beard this winter for more effect.........

.....happy trails soupman.....

I might go skiing a couple times too.