How will you celebrate watching the Grey Cup

How will you celebrate watching the Grey Cup? At Mosaic? At home with friends? Alone? Elsewhere? Enjoying your favorite snacks and beverages? What would those be?

This Grey Cup I will be home alone. My wife as gone south to celebrate her mother's birthday.

I'm okay with it. I get the remote! I went shopping yesterday. The bulk food dept was crawling with guys. I guess they had similar plans.

BBQ'd chicken
Potato salad
Potato chips
Assorted soft drinks
Pepto Bismol

My wife loves CFL football particularly Lions.She arranged a living room full of guests.Surprisingly, No green fans, and we're in Kamloops.
-dips, including guac.
-a safeway football themed cake. They're great. We've had one every year.Still might be time to grab one.
-a Heinekin bubba
-Some one is bringing a Gibson Grey Cup bottle

Just need two great teams to provide excitement :rockin:

Massive house party and BBQ with 5 big screens and poker!!

Chips, chili, wings and watching with LCD projector on a 10ft screen in my living room !!!! Gotta love it!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

At home with the big screen. My dad, me and my 3 boys in Rider gear. Western pizza, crown royal black and coke zero (gotta watch the waistline). Not going in to work Monday, booked it off. Can't wait. Going to be an emotional day.

We're getting some munchies and some 420's in there should be a good one.

Me and ol' dad. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sounds great everyone!

Prairiedog…"Five" big screens? Wow! One even in the bathroom I suppose. You won't be missing a thing and you'll get to see the replays from 5 different angles. :wink:

rcon… a "ten foot" screen. Man alive. I don't think our ceilings are that high! lol

Starbuck23…sounds like a blast! :thup:

CRFAdmin….nothing like watching the game with good ol dad. I envy you. Enjoy. You're creating fond memories.

Just me and my laptop (I don't subscribe to the package that carries NBC Sports Network).

Made me smile. :slight_smile:

Good for you, buddy.

As for me... Family had dinner. I am now under a blanket by my beautiful, lit Christmas tree, watching the game on my big TV across the room.

I tune in to the game, and see a bunch of hippies playing music, WTF is this MTV.

Hey show a little respect will ya, this is the sheepdogs your talking about :lol:

Moosehead and Harvey's.

Where the heck are all the watermelon hats?

The Angry Whoppers are back! :thup: :thup: :thup: Should have gone with BK. :slight_smile:

Drinking a Moslon Canadian and watching on my iPhone.

That first half felt like it took forever, and I was hoping Hamilton would score to make it close after that fumble or after that big play to Grant but now it's Saskatchewan's to lose.

There's no big celebration here in Florida, and I am sad to see the season end.

Well so the cable company ended on Friday my free ride of years so no complaints other than when I found out, so I could not watch the Grey Cup on TV but now found out that I can watch online on NBCSN (or next year also on ESPN) legitimately when CFL games are on in the US as is this Grey Cup. Then of course there is almost always a place to watch online otherwise.

The cable company did cut one of my neighbours a reasonable deal, so then again I may have the CFL back on TV next year after all.