How will we do against Hamilton?

Well for what it's worth here's what I think:

Alouettes' offensive line returns intact, and it is arguably one of the best of in the league....Calvillo rarely gets sacked. Add to that the fact that Hamilton's defensive line is but a pale shadow of last year's, we're in for a big night. Cheatwood and Montford on the ends led the league in sacks last year, and they are both gone, as is only Belli (who was only a backup in Montreal) is returning. Don't see how Cotton, Peterson, and Lawrence can possibly pick up the AC will have lots of time to find open receivers. Only downside is we won't have our full complement of receivers, Vaughn and Cavil won't play.

When Hamilton has the ball, McManus is no more than a pylon, so with our high risk high reward defence, if Stewart or Butler don't sack him, he'll be throwing up desperation lame ducks that we'll intercept.

If Danny Mac starts and plays most of the game, we win big. If, on the other hand, Marshall is shrewd and starts Brady, we'll still win but it'll be a lot closer.....Brady hasn't shone lately, but let's face it his best games in his short career so far were against Montreal..........and unlike McManus he at least has a chance to scramble away from our awesome pressure and find an open receiver....and the Cats do have some good receivers.....

I'm not quite as confident as you are, but I do agree that the Als will win. It'll be closer than people think. Don't underestimate what Hamilton's new D-line can do until you've seen them play. And not having Cavil and Vaughn is going to be a significant hurdle to overcome. Either the sub receivers (Watkins and Stala) step up or we go with a more run-oriented attack.

As for Hamilton's offense, yes, Danny Mac is a pylon, but he's a pylon with a great arm and arguably the quickest release of any QB in the league. With Morreale, Yeast, Brazzell and Flick at his disposal, McManus shouldn't be taken lightly. Neither should we overlook last year's leading rusher Troy Davis. I'm confident Montreal will win but only if they come out with all guns blazing. In any case, I think Hamilton is a good enough team to keep it close, even though they'll probably lose.

I'm with displineandpunish on this on. I dont believe Danny Mac is finish, he still got the arm, the release, the good receiving corp, and Troy Davis. We got a few recruit on D, it will be Karikari first game as safety, i'm not convinced about Malveaux as corner(he got beaten a couple of times versus Ottawa).

As for the big O, it should be good. As long they run the ball on first down once in a while... But its a dream that i wont see fullfill i know .... :slight_smile:

I expected good things from Landry too ! Its his 2nd year with us, he is ready to burn that league ! knock wood

Overall Montreal will win, lets say by 10 points.

Excellent predicition. I dont think Montreal had a bad game, I think Hamilton imrpoved alot over the past 3 years. Good for them, it would be nice to see a East Final, Montreal vs Hamilton this year. Im tired of seeing the damn Argos.

This is going to kill me guys looked strong. Our special teams kept us in it, but you really slaughtered us in the 3rd. Don't get used to this though, I still don't like you guys. :wink:

Thanks ryoon, but like all prediction, its just luck :smiley:

Without the int return, wich should have been avoided, and the kick return, wich could have been avoided, the game score would have been a lot more in favor of Montreal.

Overall the D played a solid game. The secondary look better than what i expected, especially Karikari.

Hamilton look ok. I was expecting them to do better with the run. A couple of drop ball by the Cats receivers...

I as well was pleasantly surprised with the secondary; Malveaux did not look out of place on the corner...did not get burned like he did against Ottawa in preseason, and made a nice defensive play on a pass that could have been a Ticat touchdown in the second quarter.

Linebackers were their usual active selves, both Strickland and Butler getting INTs.

Line was strong against the run, but it was troublesome that we did not put nearly enough pressure on McManus........

Offensively, Calvillo was sharp, Watkins impressed enough to keep his job for now, Gilligan did not and is out for a while anyway now (and so what, Vaughn returns next game)....O'Neill Wilson I guess will mysteriously become 'injured' when Cavil is ready to return.

Running game was okay; Lapointe I thought looked better than Lewis but he didn't get the ball as much as Lewis did.

Duval better not miss any more 21 yard field goals if he wants to keep his job.

For the Ticats, kudos to their offensive line for keeping our blitz away from their QB, and big kudos to that Renard Cox..........heck of a player, would love to see him in an Als uniform.........