How will they rebound?

Well a loss can be a great learning experience and I expect the Riders to be totally motivated from the Calgary loss. Lots to work on:

  1. poor clock management in the 4th quarter playing from behind. Get out of bounds guys!
  2. coming out so flat in the first half
  3. not moving the pocket when your facing a good slime
  4. DD to running until late in the game. Every game he needs to set the tone, keep d honest and run the ball early
  5. selfish penalties
  6. In the red zone coming away with field goalies where running sheets should get us TDs
  7. 2nd and 5 we go for long bomb that is not there and lose momentum where quick hit gives us a first down
8) likewise to get the team involved you need first downs and sustaining a drive yet we continue to go deep and do a large number of 2 and outs
  1. poor decision not to give up a single by Sanders, coaching there

Poor refereeing but that is a consistent complaint. They are allowed to hold yet we get most of those calls. Late hit on QB called on us but none against them as DD picks himself off the ground many times.

I hope they start to use Simon more. Also veterans need to step up and focus this team on winning. Somehow we have to get Sanders to break open some returns like he was doing last year (coaching).

Its one loss to a good football team in there house. I’m not too worried

It was a sad game for us, Calgary handed us our asses.... with that said, there where some good things, S teams played well, DD played ok, Sheets was Sheets. O-Line played well most of the game, the D was the biggest let down IMO, add some poor judgement, and we lost. This won't happen again, as Chamberlin will see to that. My biggest disappointment was Calgary putting up over 40 points. We played 1 quarter, sat on our butts for the other 3.

I feel sorry for Montreal next week, that's going to be a very upset Rider team looking to steamroll someone.

The positives are basically the 3rd quarter. They've come out after the half in every game this year and dominated that quarter. Whatever they are doing at halftime for adjustments, it's been working extremely well. I think they've outscored the opposition something like 60-5 in the 3rd quarter this year. Other than the first Ticat game, the defense has taken a half to really play to their best, and tonight it was too deep a whole to come back from.

1 - I thought their clock management was overall pretty good in the 4th.
2 - Barring week one, they have been flat each 1st quarter.

A call or 2 aside, I thoguht the reffing was fair. There were a lot of non calls down fierld, but that was going both ways.

Neither am I, greenandwhite. Some teams come out of the bye at full charge - some at a walk - we were walking in the first half. We'll regroup and be ready for Montreal - no worries.

Penalties were the big killer - we were the least penalized team going into this game - what the heck happened? Sanders decision to run the ball was brutal for us - and the uncharacteristic out-of-bounds punt by Schmitt hurt too. Did like how we came back in the 2nd half after making adjustments.

We are still sittin good no doubt. This team was put together according to Chamblin to beat Calgary. Now we know how good they can be and we have tape to build off of for the next game against Calgary. We need to beat those guys to get to the GC. Not to early to start game planning.

I think we're fine. I hate saying it, but the Stamps are our equal. I was worried about Glenn starting and this was why. He's their best QB and idk why ppl can't admit it. We played a great game just allowed them to score too quickly and pull ahead in situations they should have been stopped and left too many points on the board. It's week 8. There's tons of football left and too much time to be worried about if we'll bounce back. We have a coaching staff that makes the players learn from their mistakes. This is a veteran team that will not make the same mistakes. What I loved was 26 first half points and only 16 in the second for cgy and 7 of those was Cornish not being tackled and in a pile and running 80 yards to the 1. This team will be back, and yes many stamps "fans" will talk sh** but let em. These are the same people who wanted Glenn gone 8 months ago and he just exposed us.

Riders bounce back, they will be ready at home against the Als. Calgary attacked well, they found a weakness of sorts and made excellent plays - little bit strange to see Cornish score untouched though; congrats to Cornish, Glenn, and Huffer.

It was frustrating to know that Nik Lewis is thier goto guy on 2 down conversions and we never bumped him on the line to throw off his timing with Glenn.

They have to plan for this for next game. Force Glenn to throw to another less experienced reciever.

Cornish and Lewis continue to be "Rider killers" as they have in past Calgary wins over Riders. Glenn just gets it done with quick reads and releases--nothing fancy. Calgary can be very good in the trenches when they are on task expecially if the Riders are not ready to play all-out football. Won't happen next time--it's the time after I'm concerned about, so I hope that one is back in OUR HOUSE.

Riders got beat on the oline, PERIOD. Calgary has had a fabulous oline for quite some time. Ok a couple of penalties didn't help, but Cornish never had an easier night in his life. Stamps made every block up front, and a few down field too. Other than the big 50 yarder where he slid off the short yardage pile, he didn't break a tackle all night (and is that really considered a broken tackle?). Butler was so totally out of place (again). He can't tackle. He can't wrap big guys and he can't square up shifty guys in open field.

Offense played very well. Riders had more guys open downfield than the Stamps did, and they connected on quite a few of them. If the defense could have kept their end up in time of possession, Riders could have scored 40. Secondary played quite well too. But the dline got completely manhandled and that was 95% of the loss right there. Perhaps that direct snap on the first TD put them on their heels? I dunno. I know that they are better than this.

THANK GOD! I thought I was the only one expressing how Cornish is only has good as his Oline and the key to beating him is simply tackling him.