How will the Esks do this year?

I just don't see us doing very well this season. I can live with the dismantling of what was a poor team, but the new guys we're getting to fill the holes don't exactly fill me with confidence. On the bright side at least a rebuild is being attempted. Anyone have an opinion?

Well it's obviously a rebuilding year, so I wouldn't have my hopes too high. . . playoff spot will probably be a longshot. . .but until they start playing in earnest and we get a look at the new personnel, really hard to say at this point.

I agree. It's definitely too early to tell. I haven't agreed with all the moves Tillman has made, and we certainly have a lot of rookies to the CFL. It'll be interesting to see what happens. If I see some heart and determination on the field, then I'll be happy. The Oilers finished with fewer wins this season than they has last season, but from what I saw, the guys played with passion, and I liked that.

Out of curiosity, Chief, what moves have you disagreed with particularly ?

Off the top of my head... The two trades that gave away 4 draft picks. We ended up getting a more picks back for next to nothing, so I guess it wasn't too bad, but at the time I didn't like the moves. I also didn't like the release of some of the players. Romero was one. I'm pretty sure there's been a few other moves, but I'd have to scroll through the Signings topic to refresh my memory. :lol:

Chief…i’m just asking how you can complain about a direction and when asked say i cant remember.
surely this is not a big deal…

You should read my response again then. I gave several examples. Unfortunately, it's been a long off-season, and a lot has happened, and there's quite a bit going on outside of football, so you'll have to forgive me if I don't immediately recall everything.

lets try another approach…
the specific move you dislike is Romero.
Then you say there are others that you cant recount.
When you can …or if you are inclined…then maybe describe. Then maybe we can discuss.
If you do not want to…say so… then OK.

I don't like Romero and Peterson being released outright, they should have been given an opportunity to win their jobs in camp. Also don't see why Kenny Pettway was released before being given a shot in training camp. I like some of the players that Tillman has brought in, like Henry, Biddle, Brown, Vaughn, Brandon James, etc., but until they prove something in the CFL they are big question marks. At this point, I'd be surprised if we finish better than the 7-11 that we (luckily due to winning a few of the last games of the season) did last season. My prediction at this point is 5-13 with Ray missing some time due to injury. I'll give Tillman a year due to how ****ed up the roster has been since DM, but next year I expect a home playoff game and if not I want him out of here.

Answering the question in the title of this thread is a crapshoot at this point.

There’s so many new players in Edmonton, most of whom haven’t played a down in the CFl, that we just can’t make any prediction with any confidence.

Some of the new guys may turn out to be instant stars. … others may be complete busts. Impossible at this point to predict how many will be the former and how many will be the latter.

Should be good for program sales in Edmonton, anyway.

Peterson was the other one. Thanks, esks123. :lol:

Forgot to respond to this earlier. This is one thing I'm sort of iffy about. On the one hand, I like that Tillman's going with new blood instead of recycling guys, but on the other, that is a LOT of rookies.

I know that Peterson was a popular player but given he’s had a torn achilles I suspect he’s done as a frontline player. I can’t think of a player who needs to run who has come back from that injury. In fact I don’t know of anyone period who does not have a lifetime of limp ahead of them after this injury.
As for the overall changes IMO the Esks have been a dysfunctional squad for 3-4 years. Lackadasical, undisciplined and flat.
So to change the culture a lot of changes need to be done. How can you not dismantle them. And certainly name recognition will not be great. But the new guys will be at least fighting for spots and wont be plagued by the disease that has run rampant there.
I think if you dig into the Romero situation you may find that this was a poor leader of a very soft defense.

Of course I’m the guy that said Ricky Ray leads the way in soft, slow, leaderless play. Still feel that. But he’s their guy clearly. And Tillman wants no internal/external debate on that as shown by the bold releasing of zabransky.

Considering the fact that no one else has picked up Zabransky, not so sure how "bold" his release was.

Guess he's UFL bound if he has any football future.

Ya i seem to be the only guy north of Boise who thinks he could be good.
but i have heard rumors that he may surface in a town near the water.

MJ this time you are damn right!

Geez let's hope it does not come to that; I am not sorry to see him go but it shouldn't come to that.

But Chief after the first five games, should we go at least 3-2, will you be ready to admit here that Tillman rocks? :smiley:

So long as we don't go 1-4 or worse I will be patient with the team (or 2-3 is okay too if from a last-second long field goal).

Was about to go down for a nap when Maas and Zabransky popped into my head. :lol: Now, Maas may have been ready to retire, and if that's the case, then it's not a big deal. I wish him well, and I hope that he'll one day find his way back to the organization. Zabransky annoyed me because it leaves us without a QB with CFL experience. We could debate whether or not Zabransky will be a good QB, but he had experience in the league and with the team. These other guys we have... I mean, if God forbid, Ray goes down with an injury, we're screwed. I think it would've been wise to hang on to him for one more season to give us time to groom another guy.

While I don't agree with every move, I've already said (numerous times) that I'll take a wait and see approach.

no lose position.
great…congratulate or condemn…
nice…and no accountability for written word.