How Will The Argo Mess Play Out

I am a pessimist when it comes to the Argos but, I just can't believe the city and province will let this team die a homeless death. In a sentence or two, how does everything think this will play out in the next 5 years?

As for me...

I believe MLSE will eventually buy the Argo and they will end up playing at BMO after the city and province make their portion of the money contingent on the Argos having a home. TSN also has too much riding on this for it not to happen.

I don't think it should have anything to do with the province or the city. It's a private company and I agree that MLSE will eventually take them over and the move to BMO will be the final phase of the BMO expansion.

I hope everything you wrote is accurate.

Just think about it Kevin,if MLSE does indeed buy the Nots and moves them to BMO then your team will have a "plain jane" stadium just like us Cats fans will have in THF. :lol: :wink:

Actually, the Ticats are my team - not the Argos. And, as for the Argos, plain or not, I just want them to have a home and a future.

I wish they would become community owned and play in an expanded Varsity, but realistically, I expect their existence to continue to struggle until they are out of the Sky Dome and playing at BMO. What should have likely happened was a shared stadium with Hamilton.

Ooooops!!!!! :oops: my bad Kevin and apologies,for some reason I thought you to be either an Argo or a REDBLACKS fan.
tell ya what,meet me at the homeopener(if there is one :roll: )and I'll buy you a beer.I'll be easy to spot,I'll be the guy dressed in black and gold :lol: :wink:

Deal. I just hope it's sold out - as with every game this season. :slight_smile:

I'm not convinced MLSE will eventually buy the Argos due to the Rogers affiliation, and believe it may be TSN (Bell/ESPN) or an undisclosed local entrepreneur who is passionate about about revitalizing the club.

A TSN ownership brings synergy to the table with inherent CFL broadcast rights, capital and media marketing resources, additional exposure/content for ESPN stateside, as well as networking it's cross promotional programs, partners and affiliates.

That being said, the Argos will likely call BMO home sooner or later as there would be major political uproar if the historic team were to end up homeless resulting in certain extinction.

MLSE, nor Toronto Council, do not want to be known as part and parcel of the death of the Argos.

I too expect the Argos to end up at BMO someday, and I hope it will be under MLSE ownership. I have my doubts that Rogers is really against owning the Argos in principle.

Having said that, with THF opening this year, theres no way the Argos will be completely homeless come 2017.

Rogers wants me to convert from my Tigers in MLB to the Jays as my MLB team, then make it easy boys there at Rogers to make me like you, make the Argos going to BMO seamless. I might end up actually buying a ticket a for a Blue Jays game which I won't now. If I want to go to an MLB game now, it's going to Comerica. Rogers, do you care? If that's what's best for the Argos, of course, to be at BMO with MLSE as owners compared with the alternatives. :wink: :?

Rogers, help me brand you with the Blue Jays, that's what Ted always wanted of course. WS, I'm not sure he cared about that, and that is ok, Ted was about cable, not about who would win the WS, as we know. It is what it is or was what it was.

Won't happen, as scant few Torontonians would make the trek to Hamilton/THF to watch Argo home games.

If the Argos lose in the neighborhood of $5 mil per season as reported, (at approx. 22,000 avg) how much do you think they will lose with a few thousand (or quite possibly hundreds) in the stands?

The team would have to dissolve before embarking that scenario as the costs are greatly prohibitive and the BoG would never approve of such a massive subsidy to keep the team solvent.

Agree 100 percent tangle. Hardly anyone from Toronto made it to Hamilton when the Argos played in 1996, think it was, the Grey Cup at IWS. Hamilton is a complete joke to most Torontonians, except those smart enough you can buy a lot better house in Hamilton dollar for dollar than Hamilton, and still take the GO Train to work. :wink:

Mind you those that do call Hamilton their “home” even if they work in Toronto could care less about any Hamilton sports team, as a general rule. It’s a place to sleep and take your kids to school with a cheaper house price but these people could care less about what goes on in Hamilton otherwise. As long as there is a school nearby, a grocery store and a few other stores, it’s’ basically Toronto to these “Hamiltonians”. They do pay taxes though to upkeep THF, arenas etc. :wink: :thup:

Mean't to say "dollar for dollar than Toronto". We just saw a very nice waterfront home at Confederation Park go for a mill here in Hamilton whereas in Toronto that would have gone for at least double the price I'm sure, if not more. Hamilton is very affordable for those working in the GTA and ok with calling Hamilton "home".

I'm trying to get my sister and brother in law to move from scummy Etobicoke where they could sell their old dingy bungalow for more than half a mill to where we live in Hamilton. They would live like kings here for half a mill in house price. But my brother in law is a "Toronto guy", he wouldn't "lower" himself to live here I'm sure.

There is no mess. Mr. Braley said he'd like to sell one of his teams by 2017. If it doesn't happen, Braley could keep them or transfer ownership to his son. No mess there.

Rogers said they'd like to plant grass at Skydome for the 2018 season, but there is nothing definite. Paul Beeston said if the Argos had no other place to place, they weren't going to kick them out, and they'd extend their lease on a year-to-year basis.

MLSE are unlikely to buy the Argos...or they'd already have bought them. The team will never be any cheaper than they are today. Once they generate a couple of profitable seasons with the new TV contract (as predicted by Commissioner Cohon), the team will jump in value. Having a long-term lease at BMO is another selling point for the team, which further increases their value.

There is no problem or mess. The Argos, just like every other team in the CFL has done, needs a new or refurbished stadium. Either they have to build one or negotiate a lease at BMO. :thup:

So much for 2 sentences or less... :smiley: Okay... let me rephrase. In 35 words or less...

Just wanted to know how you think it will play out. No tangents. No what ifs. Just simple predictions. :wink:

Again, for me, sale of the Argos to MLSE by 2017 with the team playing at BMO with money from the Province, Feds and City.

I think it plays out like this.

The CBA get's resolved first, as no one is going to buy the team until the labour dispute is over. Then, Braley keeps the team for at least another year and the team gets sold, either to MLSE or another ownership group. If MLSE, the Argos move into BMO and become yet another soulless Toronto sports extension of MLSE who can at least throw some weigh around Rogers constant ripping of the team. If another owner buys, they rent BMO or puts money towards a cheap but functional copy of BMO (of the backs of some Argos ticket holders) and either run the franchise into the ground, or give it a new lease on life.

I think you're wrong. Quite possibly more fans (though probably not from the eastern side of the GTA) would make it to the games, and the team would probably have a better financial deal with THF, and thus make more (lose less?) money than at Skydome. A lot of people have moved out of Toronto to the areas around Hamilton over the past few decades. I'd wager there are a lot of Argo fans among them that might not bother to fight traffic only to endure the cavernous atmosphere at Skydome. But give them an intimate football experience with the Argos closer to their home, and they'd show up in greater numbers.

Hopefully, though, they'll find their own home at BMO or somewhere else more central in the GTA, and we won't have to find out how things would go at THF.

You believe Hamilton is awash with Argos fans?
Hamilton Ontario?

I must respectfully disagree as Hamilton is most definitely TiCat territory regardless of a few Torontonians emigrating into the region.
Do you honestly believe that 22,000-24,000 Argos fans will pack THF every second week? In Hamilton?
and with second fiddle dates?

Not to mention that the club has a far better lease agreement at the Rogers Center than the Cats at THF, and even played rent-free for many years as Ted Rogers dangled the carrot in order to prevent construction of an events competing stadium.
and reportedly, the recent and final 4 year leasehold agreement at the dome includes the lowest rent of all privately owned clubs in the CFL, while the TiCats pay the highest rent in the league.

I just can't see it happening as the Argos are enemy #1 in Hamilton and have enormous difficulty attracting fans to the park in their own hometown, let alone in another rival municipality.