How will the Als finish this year?

Let’s review now…

Same coaching staff, a few personnel changes…

On defence, line should be improved with Megna back and Gibson returning;
Linebackers solid with Buler, Strickland and Johson;
Secondary should be roughly comparable to last years, depending on who wins starting safety…but with Curry and Crutchfield on the corners and Durden and Malveaux at HB we look okay;

On offence, improved running game clearly; slotbacks still best in league with Vaughn replacing Copeland alongside Cavil and Cahoon. That leaves Girard and either MacDonald or one of the new rookies at wideout; no one heard of Thyron Anderson until Calvillo made him a 1,000 yard receiver so I think both Girard and the other wideout could have tremendous years facing only single coverage (and I doubt any corner in the league has the speed to consistently cover Girard) as the other defences focus inside on Cavil Cahoon and Vaughn.

So, that leaves what seems to be our annual weakness…NO RELIABLE BACKUP QB.

The backups we have had, and now have, may or may not be capable, but we never get to find out because they get no reps in practice with the first team and next to no real game experience; so when they get thrown in the deep end they have no experience to draw on. If Calvillo gets hurt this year, pray it’s early in the season and not in a crucial game late or playoff game.

All things considered, barring serious injuries to key players, I’ll say we’ll be 13-5.

woow DREAM ON how does 3rd place sound??? they lost alot of talent on the d line and no 1 2 punch just alot of 1 punch but if hes injured look for mathews to call romaro miller hes just like clavio and another thing thell loose 2 out of 3 games to the gades this yr cause well this is the big breakout season for the gades lets see all u dumb french men support a sub par team instead of a winning team .



I think we’ll have a better team overall this year even if our regular season record doesn’t reflect it. Or to put it another way, I’ll take a 12-6 season if we win the Grey Cup. :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t see any weaknesses in our roster except for the backup QB position, but even that is mitigated by our strong running game in Jenkins & Lapointe. Far easier for a backup QB to pass the ball when our running game will be a big-yardage threat on every down. I am so looking forward to Jenkins pounding through defenses and wearing them down, only to set up our aerial attack.

Finish 1 or 2, Argos may cause us problems, it should be a closer season i think.

Come talk Alouettes football Go Als Go!

The Als have a better team than last year.

Defensively: We got our D-Line from last year, plus 2 former NFLers. Our Linebackers, we have one of the top trio in the league. Our Defensive Backs got bigger and more aggressive. We will have yet another dominating Defence.

Offensively: We got A running back who has NFL and CFL experience, and we have Eric Lapointe, Jonas Lewis to back him up. We have the best Quaterback in the league. And we lost Thryone Anderson and Jeremaine Copeland, and we signed Terry Vaughn, meaning that Sylvain Girard will have more place, and personally I’d rather have Girard then Anderson.

Top of East, and Grey Cup appearence is my opinion.

With all due respect, it’s not too hard to finish first in the East…


The Als do live the good life over there - They only have to play teams like BC, Sask, and Edmonton twice a year.

Als will finish first in the East yet again. I predict 13-5.

With all due respect, who won the Grey Cup this year? A Western team? No, the Toronto Argonauts. Who finished 9-8-1 last year, a better record than either Edmonton or Sasketchewan? The Hamilton Tigercats.

You can’t tell me that you think the East has more competition than the West. If you look in history you’ll see that the West has always had stronger, more competitive teams and the East has one or two good teams (Montreal, Toronto) but for the most part it’s a joke. You can almost count Ottawa out of contention right now, Hamilton, well, it’s hard to say, they’ll probably do decent this year. But in the West you can’t say that one team has a clear-cut advantage over the rest. Any team in the West could be on top this year unlike the predictable East.

I can very easily. BC is head and shoulders above their closest competition in almost every department. Offense no one has a QB like PRinters or Dickenson, receivers they have a tank of SB in claremont and the top receiver in the league in Geroy Simon as well as Tounkara and Cutolo, Warren had a very strong year rushing, a much improved secondary, the best linebacking corps in the west, and a strong DL. seems like a clear advantage to me. As for my prediction for the als 14-4

They’re easily the best in the West, eh? Well I suppose that would explain why the Riders came within a field goal of beating them in the West Finals.

They didnt come within a field goal of winning they came within a field goal of not losing. Also Burris was really hot at the end of the season. I think teams will focus a lot more quickly on Kenton Keith than they did last year and domingues can expect double coverage. At hte end of a season it doesnt matter if you win a game by 1 point or 20 a win is a win and BC was the best from the west last year and will be the best by a considerable amount htis year too

You know this how? How can you say BC will dominate the West if you haven’t seen them play one down of football since November?

because they have a better team tha anyone else in the west. How can you predict they wont if the last time you saw them play was november?

Well first of all, just exactly WHO did the Als lose from the D Line? Megna and Stewart are still on the ends; Philion and Simpson/Brown in the middle, and Gibson has returned; no losses there at all.

Agreed that the Als are in deep doo-doo if Calvillo is out for an extended time.

But seriously, lose 2 out of three games to the Renegades? What are you smoking?

And as for your crack about “dumb french men”, I am not French but of English/Scottish heritage; dumb I may be, I grant you that, but I am not French. I will let the French fans answer you further, as I am confident they will do. In any event, good natured ribbing is fine here, but let’s put the ethnic slurs aside, shall we?

Well said, as for the French men side of things, well since i am french canadian i have no clue who you talking about :wink:
As for leaving ethnic slurs got to agree, except for if it ai’;t scottish it’s crap! , cheers.

Come talk Alouettes football Go Als Go!

Hey, Gadescup,

Tu dis que les francophones supportent une équipe perdante. Je viens de vérifier, et à moins d’erreur, la fiche des Alouettes est nettement meilleure que celle des gades dernièrement. Je sens de la jalousie du côté d’Ottawa, incapable d’attirer les francophones (joueurs et partisans), alors ils critiquent les Alouettes, qui eux sont une organisation de première classe, à tous les niveaux.

Je te réponds en français et je te dis une chose: Le seul “dumb” aux alentours, il écrit pour vanter les renegades, qui n’ont encore jamais fait les séries :oops: :oops:

Inquiète toi pas PereFoura, des TDC il y a en partout.